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The Dork’s Totally Incomplete Guide to SL6B: Aeon June 27, 2009

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“Be tiny and bounce with us” – who can resist such an offer? Certainly not me and so today Fi’s teleport brought me to Aeon and to the Boingy Drums by “Alien Isles”, where I found a happy crowd bouncing on the drums.

Boingy Drums

I cannot believe that I haven’t been to “Alien Isles” before, because I started to drool when I saw their advertising sign.

Alien Isles

A Starfish Avatar! Squid in disguise! Tuna Salad & his Horned Crab! I am so going there later to spend some serious lindens.

Alien Isles Horn shoulder pet

If you visit, you should get this cute horn shoulder pet gift. It plays music notes! ❤

Furry Pride

Aeon’s landmark is clearly this Giant Furry by Furry Pride. She has a super cool backpack with a living tree inside – I want one too!

Giant Furry

Mr. Bones and I are taking a break on her thumbs. If you have a magnifying glass, you might even see us. 😀

I am a bit tired today, the next part will hopefully be a bit longer!

Skin: Blu Beauty 6 by MiaSnow
Hair: Antie violet by Truth
Top: Di Tube Top by Pink Outfitters
Trousers: Rocker Pants by Pink Outfitters
Necklace: Black Bead Necklace by Yummy
Pose: Jazz Hands by Twosome


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