Who let the dorks out?

The Dork’s Totally Incomplete Guide to SL6B: Velocity and Integer June 28, 2009

The most important thing first: Dusty Linden commented on one of my posts that only the entertainment ends on 30th June, but that the gates of SL6B will stay open for another week. YAY!!! More time to explore the fantastic sims! :))

Bella had told me yesterday about AM Radio’s exhibition “One Thousand Heroes” and that he had said he was hoping to give away 1000 cars. In his notecard he writes: “Second Life is a world where anyone can become a super hero! To start you on your super story I can provide you with a super hero’s transportation! The 1936 Superdyne.” When I visited, 941 people already got one, so I am sure he will reach his aim!

One Thousand Heroes

At Velocity I also found one of my absolute favourites this year: The Lightglow Plantscape by Green and Wild. The building itself is already very pretty, with futuristic flowers and a pulsating roof. But its inside totally blew me away.

Lightglow Plantscape


Lightglow Plantscape

Everything is colourful and glowing and moving softly, a real feast for the eye! Parts of it look like a scene taken straight from a fairytale, others like an impressionistic painting. I could have stayed there for hours to take pictures. If you visit, don’t forget to grab a free tree at the entrance.

The Birthday Cake

I was hugely impressed by the SL6B birthday cake – it is so massive that it needs its own sim!! Based on the Sci-Fi theme of the whole event it is a fantastic and very original build, with little UFOs hosting chairs, tables and loungers. The cake in the centre gives away a piece with a plate (unfortunately not working there because of the script restrictions) and I really, really would like to have some peppermint chocolate icecream now!

The Birthday Cake

Just the right spot to rest a bit and enjoy the green bubbly SL6B birthday brew.

If you missed the first parts in the SL6B series:


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