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The Dork’s Totally Incomplete Guide to SL6B: Virtuocity June 28, 2009

My optimistic plans to cover most of SL6B’s sims were shattered today when I read that it finishes on the 30th of June, in just two days. I thought that it was two weeks instead of one week and in my opinion huge events like this or Burning Life deserve a longer running time than just a week. To explore just a couple of sims in detail, including taking pics, easily takes one evening of SL time for me and it hurts me to just jump to a few selected landmarks and having to ignore the rest because of the time pressure. Unfortunately, this is what I probably will have to do for my next posts.

SL6B Virtuocity

I continued my SL6B exploring today at Virtuocity, which has a number of impressive and futuristic big buildings. Pictured above are the “Immerse into the future” build by Nadir Taov (right) and the Alchemy booth by Annabelle Fanshaw (left).

Alchemy Books

Entering Annabelle’s booth I found a sweet and peaceful garden with several big books, which whispered to me to click on them.


Of course I could not resist to do that. Each book tells a story, but to my huge surprise they opened and rezzed elements of the story in them! So cool! ­čśÇ


The Insilico building by Skills Hak, towering into the sky.

Inspire Space Park@SL6B

I love the Inspire Space Park sim so much and therefore I was delighted to find their exhibit here. Enter the futuristic capsule and take a teleport into space…

Inspire Space Park

…and you will land at Inspire Space Park Lite! Take the opportunity to fly in space and to admire the stunning installation.

Giant Alien

Dallier’s Hope built this giant alien, which fits perfectly into the scenery. I just love the whole topic of this year’s SL6B and the futuristic look of the sim, with its glowing highways between the sims. Why oh why does it all finish in 2 days?! *sighs*


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