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“Travel Book of a Bunny” in SL Uncover magazine June 28, 2009

Travel Book of a Bunny

The topic of the latest SL Uncover Magazine is “Odyssey” and everyone who loves exploring different worlds, stories and photography should have a look at it. I am very happy that I got the chance to contribute to it by putting together the “Travel Book of a Bunny”. The Bunny Planet has been destroyed and Bunny is setting out in its spaceship to find a new home. On its travels it encounters ancient civilisations, dangerous creatures and new environments. But will its search be successful? Read it all here (page 89 – 103).

SL Uncover Magazine Issue Odyssey

Uncover Magazine Issue Odyssey is out!

It has always been in the deep nature of men to go further than their usual and natural territory. It is this very innate desire to explore, see, learn more, that has pushed sailors at sea; and a similar passion that sat men on the first planes and space shuttles. Our most ancient history, our most secular religions are full of journeys to the unknown.Today is our turn. Since Uncover Magazine set its office in a flying ship, we have wanted to use this opportunity to follow the trails of the great explorers, set our own coordinates, make our own route…Today we start our own Odyssey…

Uncover is an adventure. Our adventure as writers and photographers. Your adventure as readers.

Online available: http://issuu.com/uncover/docs/odyssey_en

Ariel Brearly


2 Responses to ““Travel Book of a Bunny” in SL Uncover magazine”

  1. Tarissa Tripsa Says:

    Usually I’m not really into fantasy stories, but with the bunny included it’s a must read! *nods* Good to know, Bunny’s safe now!

  2. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    Shhh Tarissa, don’t tell the ending! Thanks for your comment, glad you liked it! :))

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