Who let the dorks out?

Island in the Sun July 21, 2009

Island in the Sun

One morning Gladys woke up and was sick of everything. She was sick of the never ending snow, the cold and she had seen each and every snowflake pattern there could be on earth (and apparently there are a lot). She was sick of her hair looking as if she had spent the night in the woods (which unfortunately was the case) and her fur being muddy and wet. Oh, the smell! She just couldn’t bear it any longer.

So she did the only sensible thing a girl can do. She went to Artilleri and splashed out on a new bikini and gorgeous sun glasses. She got a pawdicure and a haircut and then she booked a last minute flight to the sunniest and farthest place she could find.

Island in the Sun

Happiness is: an island in the sun. A hidden spot on a palm tree. Listening to the ocean. A long, long nap. And no more damn snow.

Island in the Sun


Snow Forest: Adelaide Forest
Female Snow Leopard avatar (V2) by De La Fae (with twitching ears and tail, I got this from the camping tree ages ago but the prizes have changed now and it can be bought for $L2000).
Hair: Gattina by Tiny Bird
Pose: CM Pinup 0108 by CheereMotion

Island: Las Arenas Rosadas
Sabina II hair (with 37 textures for the hair band), Greta sunglasses (gold) and LeeLee bikini by Artilleri.


4 Responses to “Island in the Sun”

  1. Tarissa Tripsa Says:

    ROFL Nice choice of swim-wear! o.ô

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  3. What a cool avi! I love your stories <3. Pawdicure *snorts*, that's cleaver 😀

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