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Shoppin at the Corner of 5th & Oxford July 21, 2009

Today I’m going to do something a little different for our blog. Maybe a little too much like those “other” fashion blogs, but all the same, it’s skin review time. I decided to do this when I found out that Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot where closing down Fleur. Their skins from the formerly named Tete’ a Pied (sp? Moi is not French) were the very first skins I spent my lindens on as a wee noob. I couldn’t believe that such beautiful skins in so many varieties and makeup options were so affordable! So of course I panicked at the news, that is until I realized that they were going to open up under not only a new label, but a completely new line called 5th & Oxford (fancy!)!

I love it when people are always thinking forward, challenging themselves, and thinking outside of the box. These two are creating not only a skin line, but the new brand, 5th & Oxford, will include fashion for woman AND men, as well as home decor. They are completely reinventing themselves, but to not freak those of us out who may fear change, started with what is familiar to us: their fabulous skins.


The Audrey line is quite a bit different than anything Fleur came out with, so so far so good on the promises of change. The body is what stands out to me. There is MUCH more detailing in these with shadows, lines and definition that make up a soft and romantic body contour. However, if you are looking for a lot of photo-sourcing realism, Go to Redgrave. These are still more of the hybrid type skins, which I prefer. They come in 3 familiar skintones of Fair, Medium and Dark. I am showing the Medium tones in these shots, so please go grab some demos for yourself and see what works.


The face is beautiful, however I found I had to mod my shape pretty heavily to look right in them. They have a very doll-face, sex kitten, innocent look to them and maybe it’s just me, but I couldn’t find a shape I already had to look good in them. SO, knowing that make SURE to try on the demos, and playing with your shape a little isn’t too tough. The makeup variety is outstanding, however, and very detailed. I love all the different lips, some glossy and pouty, some matte. There really is a look for everyone’s taste. Also you will want to grab the accessories, with pre-crafted brows, puuuuubes AND free shapes in a pack on the bottom of every vendor board, to try on with your demos. My brows I had on didn’t quite look right with the color, but again, that can be altered in appearance mode.

5th & Oxford Skin Collage

1: (5th & Oxford)Medium Audrey Fresh 6
2: (5th & Oxford)Medium Audrey Smoky 2
3: (5th & Oxford)Medium Audrey Smolder 2
4: (5th & Oxford)Medium Audrey Smolder 5
5: (5th & Oxford)Medium Audrey Fresh Freckles 6
6: (5th & Oxford) Medium Audrey English Rose ( A GROUP GIFT! Pick it up with your Group tag on here

Here are some close-ups of my favorite makeup options from the Audrey line. Let me say that I REALLY love the freckled landscape on these. Not only the face, but the whole body is beautifully kissed in light frecks! All in all, the Audrey line is gorgeous and a great deal for just 600L each, 2400L for 6. So if you are a skin hoar like me, go buy some NAO! ❤

Note: All poses are from Penny Dreadful Arcade (pda), which is an awesomesauce pose place and you all should visit! Here’s a taxi for ya 🙂
Hair- Clawtooth by Clawtooth
Lingerie- Armidi


2 Responses to “Shoppin at the Corner of 5th & Oxford”

  1. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    Great post and lovely pictures, Bella! You look so gorgeous in those skins!! I definitely need to go there too soon, I loved the previous lines a lot.

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