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The Last Swan Song July 23, 2009

After I created my SL account two years ago (wow, time goes by fast!), it did take a little while until I discovered the Rezzable sims. I stumbled into “Greenies” without a clue what would expect me and my jaw dropped on the floor when I stepped out of what had seemed like a normal, maybe a bit empty house and into a gigantic kitchen. For me, this was one of the most significant moments in my SL – a truly “not possible in real life” experience, suddenly being shrunken to insect size and exploring a world inhabited by mischievous aliens. It is hard to put the joy that I felt into words, whizzing around with my Greenies jet pack and laughing at the little scenes.

Black Swan” was the second Rezzable sim I visited and I still remember how impressed I was when I saw this installation for the first time. The circular pathway, the moving pillars, the bright-blue, sparkling water and most importantly the statues, which appeared peaceful and yet strangely sad… Light Wave’s “Night Dreaming” statue, which becomes alive upon touch for a short while, just to then turn into stone again, is one of my favourite art pieces in-world.

Unfortunately, Rezzable have announced their move to their own private grid and have already deleted a number of their other great sims, including Carnival of Doom, Tunnel of Light and Crimson Shadow. The Greenies luckily will stay but Black Swan will be gone after the last “Swansong” fashion event running from 27th July to 17th August, which promises to be a great event with the theme “Elements – Fire, Water, Earth and Air”. I decided to pay “Black Swan” a last visit before the crowds would pour in and to show you some swan-inspired outfits.

The Last Swan Song

The beautiful “Black Swan Ballerina” dress was designed by Eshi Otawara and can be bought at the Black Swan shop for $L50. It comes with a bunch of accessories including shoes a feather boa, earrings and a necklace and is a must-have at this price. I found the ballet pose at “Animation”, which has a very nice selection of dance poses (ballet, flamenco) and normal poses. By the way, all shop SLURLs can be found here.

Black Swan Ballerina
Dress: “Black Swan Ballerina” by Eshi Otawara (currently $L50, Black Swan sim)
Hair: “Peyton” by EDT
Skin: “Neko – Goth Sweet” by Frick
Pose: “Ballet Pose 014” by Animation

Black Swan

Of course this wouldn’t be the Dorks’ blog without any sillyness. Thinking about “swan fashion”, the first thing that came into my mind was the “Crotch Swan” by Kitsch*en* Couture. I already had the dollarbie version in my inventory, but the pink clashed with the sim. So I headed out to get the black version ($L25). My Google image search for outfits incorporating this piece of fashion unfortunately only came back with SL pics – so I suspect that either the whole thing is a pure SL invention or I don’t know the proper RL name for it. 😀
Black Swan fashion

Therefore I decided to go for a lacy and feathery look based around Elate’s “Mae” dress. I got the feathery shoulder and wrist bands from Crimson Shadow in their sale, but unfortunately this sim is gone now. However, they still can be bought at Black Swan for $L400, if you really love them.

Crotch Swan Sirene:
“Crotch Swan” by Kitsch*en* Couture
Skin: “ASMBA Rf0 Gloom” by Winter Moon
Hair: “Luth” by EDT
Eyes: “Sunrise” by Miriel
Dress: “Mae” by Elate
Hat: “Retro Betty Pillbox Hat”, dollarbie by Soulfire
Shoes: “Slinky Stilettos” by Maitreya
Feathered shoulder and wrist band by Crimson Shadow
Feathery hair piece “Sequined Starlet Fascinator” (part of “Sequined Starlet” dress) by Icing
Pose 1: “Cute Charlotte” by Long Awkward Pose
Pose 2: “Teehee” by Long Awkward Pose

Swan Lake

Ages ago I posted a challenge to Candy Lemmon and Van Kline from “Red-Headed Step Children” (where are you guys?! we miss you!) to dress up in something from Weirdiculous. They came back with one of the cutest outfits I have ever seen on a bunny avatar – the “Swan Lake” dress, which I stumbled over again when searching outfits for this post. It isn’t for the faint-hearted and does require some careful adjustments, or a pretty white tank top might do the trick as well. I just love the design of this dress and how it looks as if it jumped right out of a fairy-tale and around my neck.
(UPDATE: I hadn’t realised this is based on a real dress, Bjork’s swan dress. Doh! That is why I normally don’t blog fashion. Thanks for the link, Desiree. :D)

Swan Lake

Swan Lake:
Dress and shoes: “Swan Lake” ($L185) by Weirdiculous
Hair: “Amber (night)” by Truth
Skin: “Goth – Minmalistic Makeup” by Frick
Eyes: “Eclipse” by Miriel
Pose 1: “Luth Fashion S4 12” by Reel Expression
Pose 2: “Angel 6” by Juicy

Swan Troop

Lastly, if you would like to take the swan theme to the last level, go and get this hilarious “Swan Troop” avatar from Weirdiculous ($L185). Your little “troopsters” will follow you wherever you go, so be careful and don’t do what I did – walking over the half-broken bridge at Black Swan and almost losing half of them in the gaps. :O If you feel like hitting the town on your own, you can also detach them to leave them at home.

Teleport to “Black Swan” here and explore it before it is gone – access is free from now on!


5 Responses to “The Last Swan Song”

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  2. you did a great job paying tribute to a beautiful place. i ❤ you dork!

  3. RayRay Says:

    This is sooooo sad :(((( TOL, COD, and now Black Swan???? *emo cires* Those are all sims I saw during my noob days and continued to go back, I will miss them all *sniff sniff*

  4. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    Thanks Bella! ❤ you too! 🙂

    I know, RayRay! So sad. :((

  5. Fionna Whiteberry Says:

    Great job and beautiful pics, as always. We will all miss the Rezzable sims that have left us…they brought together all types of personalities in SL. They’ll live on in our memories and great pics ❤

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