Who let the dorks out?

The Bored Clowns’ Guide to SL – Introduction July 26, 2009

The Bored Clowns' Guide to SL

Chuckles and Chillingsworth had no doubts that they were the stars of the circus. Surely, the daft plump ponies with little bells in their manes always attracted many “awwws” from the crowd (“Can you believe that? The little stinkers,” Chillingsworth liked to moan). And Leila, the curvy snake dancer received more than one admiring look, mainly from the fathers that had been dragged along to the show – women tended to give her the evil eye.

But whenever Chuckles and Chillingsworth entered the ring, the crowd went wild. There were not many evil clowns around those days, so they had decided to specialise in that niche and had perfected their balance between funny and creepy. The older kids and their parents roared with laughter, whereas younger children stared at them with big eyes, not quite sure whether to laugh or to cry. When Chuckles started juggling with her knifes (which she of course had stained with theatre blood beforehand), you could hear a pin drop.

Unfortunately, Chillingsworth liked to behave inappropriately – generally in life and even more so in the ring. She loved to modify tricks for her own entertainment, and did not tend to fill in Chuckles before she did so.

A constant favourite of hers was to make her lolly disappear in inappropriate places. She loved to hand balloon animals to little children, only to pop them right before their eyes with an insane laughter. One night the bucket full of confetti contained water instead and Chuckles had to try and calm down a very wet and very angry woman, while Chillingsworth rolled on the floor with laughter. Another time Chillingsworth decided to make the squirting flowers more interesting and filled them with tomato soup – chunky tomato soup. Chuckles had to grab a madly giggling Chillingsworth by her feet and drag her out of the ring before the people in the first row could get hold of her.

The Human Cannon

Slowly the number of complaints after each show started to increase and the ringmaster, having to give out free tickets as compensation, grew more and more impatient with them. One disastrous evening Chillingsworth changed the angle of the cannon slightly so that Chuckles flew straight through the roof top and the whole tent collapsed. The ringmaster finally had enough – he kicked them out right the next day.

Chuckles and Chillingsworth are kicked out

Chuckles and Chillingsworth suddenly found themselves without a job, without a home and luckily Chillingsworth managed to grab the ringmaster’s briefcase full with the month’s earnings on her way out. But worst of all, they suddenly had far too much time on their hands. Evil clowns were not in demand anymore and Chillingworth’s reputation had spread quickly.

Chillingsworth did not cope well with the situation. “I am sooooooo boooooored!!! What shall we do now?!”
Chuckles thought for a moment. “Let’s try to do things normal people do,” she said.
“And what is that?!”
“I don’t know…having coffee, going shopping, gardening and stuff like that maybe?”
Chillingsworth pulled a face. “That sounds really boring!”
“Why don’t we just give it a go and see what happens,” Chuckles suggested.
“Hmpf,” Chillingsworth said and stuck her lolly under her armpit.

And so they wandered off to explore a whole new world of things that normal people do.

“The Bored Clowns’ Guide to SL” is brought to you by the crazy minds of Fionna and Paulina. Stay tuned for new adventures!
Starring Naxos Loon as the angry ringmaster, thank you so much!
Clown avatars “Clarabell” were created by Kaeli Candour and sold at “Carnival of Doom”, which sadly is gone now. 😦
Circus prop created by Joodle Fadoodle.
Poses (to be updated)
Circus tent and human cannon props created by deviousMind .
Suitcase by Piper Pitney.
Briefcase by Shawn Topaz.


7 Responses to “The Bored Clowns’ Guide to SL – Introduction”

  1. adricantfarm Says:

    Your clowns scare me.

  2. Scary Clowns Says:

    […] with guns don’t scare me (we all have them here) but this damn clown is going to give me […]

  3. Fionna Whiteberry Says:

    OMG, you even had me laughing and I was part of it! You are such a good story teller Pau 🙂 I can’t wait to see what other types of mischief we can get up to with our new alter ego’s.

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