Who let the dorks out?

Last Chance for Skinnage! July 28, 2009

QUICK QUICK QUICK! Stop reading this and hop over to the Harajuku Box Skin Fair before it’s too late! There are exclusive skins that you will never see again from tons of great skinners…. errr….. creators. Woah sometimes this stuff sounds so wrong and serial killer like out of context. Anyway, here are quick pics of my two favs. The first is the Holiday skin by 5th & Oxford, available in 3 skintones. This is meant to look like you’ve soakin in the sun a little toooo long, complete with sunburnt nose, cheeks and tanlines. As if that weren’t enough to make me jump up and down, it also comes with a free striped bikini, shown below. All this for frickin 600L… HEART!

Harajuku Box Skin Fair

Skin- (5th&Oxford) MEDIUM Audrey Holiday
Pose- (pda) Bitter Sweet
Hair- Aden Windblown in Hazel

Second up, I couldn’t resist the Curio skins. This one has a pouty, red lip similar to the Vixen shading and shimmery eyeshadow that looks like it sparkles in the sun. It comes with ALL 5 SKINTONES! Plus, in typical Curio style, 2 variations of each, plus freckles! That’s 40 skins for 1000L. You do the math on what a great deal that is :D.

Harajuku Box Skin Fair

Skin- :GP: Petal [Dark] Beach-Osprey 2
Pose- Long Awkward Pose: Wonder Girls The Dakota
Hair- Tiny Bird: Lola in Rice
Outfit- Twosome: Frilly Summer Thing

So run run RUN! Get these and other skins by designers from Blowpop, Ugly Doroty, Pink Fuel, Fishy Strawberry and more. Go get them here, today is the last day and your final chance!!!!!!!111!!!1

EDIT: YES I KNOW I LOOK LIKE A HOOKER! What else is new? 😛 ❤


3 Responses to “Last Chance for Skinnage!”

  1. msrobbiani Says:

    ooooh I ❤ you for reminding me of this just in time! Also I need to add you dorks to my blog roll.

  2. Fionna Whiteberry Says:

    Awww, but you look like a high class, expensive like hooker 😀

  3. oh you are welcome yuvilicious. omg we need to update our blogroll!

    haha, thanks Fifo. i saw Nerd still dressed in the second outfit (she was at my home spot, no i was not walkin around with my butt hangin out) and the first thing she said is “HAI BELLAAAA! Why are you dressed like a hoar?”

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