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BUNNEH MADE ME DO IT! August 7, 2009

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Sorry for the crap pics, but this is URGENT! Hope over to Naho’s Funny Shop and grab this awesome, hilarious, pee-your-pants cute giant bunny. I spotted this on a shopper the other day (Sorry I don’t know your name but you didn’t answer my questions anyway) and loled for about 20 mins watching the bunny drag her around store.

bunneh made me shop!

Well, the clever Fionna Whiteberry, my fellow sister of the dorkhood, thought to ask the infamous monkey, Naxos Loon, where one might find such an awesome thing. And voila! The mystery is solved and I can’t remember the last time I found something that made me squee like an idiot.



There are several different poses you can choose by just clicking the bunny. Not to mention they are trans (but no copy), so grab a ton and send them to your friends! We are also adding group tags to the Who Let The Dorks Out group in world titled “Bunneh made me do it!” and “Bunneh made me shop!”, so I hope to see you fashionistas being drug from store to store in the near future. There are tons of other fun freebies too here, so just have a look around. Big thanks to Fifo and Naxos for their detective work, and Betty Rogan and Dot Lane for posing with us. YAY!


9 Responses to “BUNNEH MADE ME DO IT!”

  1. Fionna Whiteberry Says:

    Best freebie in the history of SL! That monkey knows where everything fun is. Thank you Naxos 🙂

  2. OMG that IS the best freebie ever!!!

  3. RedIce Cioc Says:

    Very cute! One of the best freebie!

  4. […] 10, 2009 The team over at Who Let the Dorks Out wrote a brilliant post about Naho’s Funny Shop. You can read their blog entry here. After grabbing the freebie item, I couldn’t help but be so smitten with this giant bunneh! I […]

  5. flora Says:

    i love the hand-drawn top you wear in the 2nd pic, may i ask wher e to find it ?

  6. but of course flora. that is from nylon outfitters 🙂

  7. […] your avatar around with multiple poses from Kuri*Gohan / Naho’s Funny Shop / naho Aya. Thanks Naxos and Who let the dorks out? plus Rocky for the reminder! […]

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