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Skipping Stones Big-Footed August 12, 2009

I never manage to do hunts quickly because I always get distracted by the builds and sims of shops I haven’t visited before. There are so many little gems out there, so many places that have been set up and decorated with great love to detail, or places that sell awesome stuff. And I am even more delighted if on my way I stumble across new and funny avatars, like the “Wicked Yeti” by Pink Fuel (and it comes in big and tiny! yay!). I would like to show you some of the random pictures I took today and yesterday (as Tinybot) while I was doing the Skipping Stones Hunt. Maybe you will discover some new photo opportunities as well!


The Summoning

These two images were taken at (*chanimations, where you can find an abundance of awesome poses and pose props. The quality of textures and designs is amazing!

Abandoned Isle

Abandoned Isle is a sweet and playful place with a touch of the macabre (some of these bunnehs have suffered an unfortunate fate).



Hi there!

Hi there! Yeti found a new friend at i love 13.

Yetis also need to eat

Yetis also need to eat – as do octopodes! Now, I even checked Wikipedia to make sure I was using the right plural form and Wikipedia states: “There are three forms of the plural of octopus; namely, octopuses, octopi, and octopodes. Currently, octopuses is the most common form in the US as well as the UK; octopodes is rare, and octopi is often objectionable.” See, Dorks can also educate – that is your knowledge for the day. Before I forget, the picture was taken at “This is a Fawn“.


Beautiful scenery at 6pi.

Picnic with friends

Having a picnic with friends at D-LAB!

Phone home

Phone….home….m.fox has the cutest little rooms, all set up in huge cardboard boxes! 🙂 The quality of the textures and the furniture is stunning! This Tinybot avatar was created by Joshua Nightshade, unfortunately he closed his store now as far as I know :(.

So long, gotta skip more stones!


4 Responses to “Skipping Stones Big-Footed”

  1. You are the queen of giving me idea for places to visit, and I thank you muchly for that! I especially like the look of those morbid leetle bunnehs. And LOL for the spelling lesson, hahahaha. Great job Pau ❤

  2. Fionna Whiteberry Says:

    Great pics as always Pau 🙂 I apparently need to go back to some of the shops on the hunt and explore the builds a little further. My compulsive organizing makes me snatch & grab quickly so I can unpack and put them away…and meanwhile I miss wonderful things like what you pointed out above. LOL!

  3. Thanks for your comments! <333

    Bella, I loved those bunnehs, the whole place was very cute.

    Fi, at least you manage to finish those hunts within a few hours rather than within days! 😀

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