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Skipping More Stones August 14, 2009

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I finished the last part of the Skipping Stones Hunt yesterday, yay! I can’t wait to look through the gifts, I already saw pictures of some and they were awesome! On my way I took more pictures which I would like to show you.

One day I will teleport to the upper leftest corner of Starlustland and systematically photograph my way through all the sims. Whenever I teleport randomly into one store there I totally get distracted by the scenery and the surroundings. The creativity of the sim designers seems to know no limits and every sim has a different feel, ranging from elegant shopping areas to a camping site or swamp land. This shopping area called “Where the cool kids are” had several cameras, spotlights and director’s chairs set up – just as if they had knewn I would be coming. 😉

Skipping More Stones

Wanna see what the camera saw?


Nessie living la dolce vita

This pictures proves that there is no monster in Loch Ness. Nessie is living La Dolce Vita at Bill, Starlustland!

Surfin' Surfin'

Artilleri” is one of my favourite shops and if I had a million lindens I would buy everything in the store. But not only the clothes are made of awesome, the whole sim has an amazing retro flair and lots of little spots to discover. I rezzed a surfboard at the beach and hit the waves – weeeee!

SHIKI designs

The last picture was taken at SHIKI designs, which has an extremely stylish store design. Lots of black, white and red with bold patterns mixed with filigrane stairs. Definitely worth a visit!

If you haven’t done the hunt yet, you have time until 24th August. 🙂

“Wicked Yeti” avatar by Pink Fuel.


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