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Fabulous Furniture presented by The Amazing Femme Homme August 16, 2009

I sometimes wonder how many male readers we have (if there are any, please say hi! :D) and if they are frightened off by the sometimes quite high amount of bunnies, cuteness and girly fashion stuff. Therefore I decided to try and make today’s post more appeal to both our female and male readers. And what could be better suited for that than “The Amazing Femme Homme” avatar (created by Ameshin Yossarian)! I got it at the “Carnival of Doom” closing sale and unfortunately it isn’t available anymore, as far as I know. 😦

Eugenia and Eugene

Anyway, meet Eugenia and Eugene! They are going to introduce you to a couple of furniture stores, which caught my eye during the Skipping Stones Hunt.


The first one is “m.fox” and as I already mentioned in a previous post, I love the store interior. The store itself contains a couple of giant furniture items, making normal avatars seem tiny. The picture above was taken in the huge bookcase. 🙂 All the furniture is set up in adorable little rooms – in cardboard boxes!

Eugenia at m.fox

Eugenia is delighted that it is going to be a hot summer day. She is wondering whether to change into a lighter and brighter dress. The sweet smell of the roses which she picked in the garden the day before fills the room.

Eugene at m.fox

The evening sun is through the window and Eugene is lost in thoughts. He would like to call the girl he met last night but he isn’t sure if he should wait a bit longer. He looks at the roses and remembers that she had little roses on her dress too. It was a pretty dress.

Eugenia is daydreaming

Eugenia really should finish the gift she is working on and tidy up her room a bit. Instead she is daydreaming. She imagines herself at the seaside, digging her toes into the warm sand and feeling the salt on her lips. A seagull shouts and she is smiling to herself.

Eugene is bored

Eugene is bored. He cleaned and tidied his whole room, put away all the laundry and can’t think of something else to do. The bunny at the wall stares at him. “Stop doing that”, he says loudly and hates the sound of his own voice.

Waiting for your call

The second store is called “Second Spaces” and you must go and check out Elle Kirshner’s weblog, which is an amazing directory and style guide to the best SL furniture! “Second Spaces” sells a lot of cute and unique pieces, which are not too expensive either. Eugenia and Eugene are sitting on the “Gossip Bench”, which comes with the phone and three seating animations. Waiting for your call…

Murphy Bed

This bed lives in a closet during the day and is assembled with one click. Great for small skyboxes! 😀 It comes with six seating animations, allowing you to stretch your legs or count the threads on the blanket.

Back to the drawing board

Eugene is going back to the drawing board. There is a hidden mistake somewhere, but it is midnight and concentration is at an all time low!

Which is exactly how I am feeling now – have a good night!


m.fox: Daybed $L550, hutch $L300, desk $L200, sewing stool $L125, bed $L650, most of those items contain several animations. Sewing machine by RC Cluster.

Second Spaces: Gossip bench (available in light and dark) $L175, Murphy Armoire with vintage posters $L300.


2 Responses to “Fabulous Furniture presented by The Amazing Femme Homme”

  1. rayrayshippe Says:

    OMG!!!! cute much? That furni is AWESOME!

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