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The Bored Clowns’ Guide to SL: Creamshop August 21, 2009

Chuckles and Chillingsworth had recently lost their jobs as clowns in the circus and since then had too much time on their hands. To make things worse, it was pouring down since days and days. Chillingsworth was bored to death and started playing evil tricks on Chuckles, which lead to a couple of fierce arguments between them.

“Alright,” Chuckles finally said, “let’s do something normal people do when the weather is horrible.”
“Like what?”
“Let’s have coffee. I saw a nice little café the other day at Creamshop, let’s go there.”

Chuckles and Chillingsworth at Creamshop

Just a short time later they had settled down with a couple of steaming coffee mugs and looked out into the rain.


“Look at all those taxis”, Chuckles said while sipping on her mug, “it seems to be quite a busy road. And look at all those puddles, do you think the rain will ever stop again?”

Chillingsworth stared at her. “What are you doing? Why are you talking like this?”
“This is called a conversation. Making small-talk. Talking about the weather. Apparently normal people do this too”.


“Boooooooooring,” Chillingsworth screamed and started to dance on her stool. “This is boring, the rain is boring and drinking coffee is boring too!”
“You are right,” Chuckles said. “This is boring, and I don’t even like coffee! Let’s go outside and explore a bit.”

The Pond

Outside the café was a little duck pond and Chuckles immediately went in with a big splash. She loved ponds, but as one never could be too sure what lived in them, she preferred to keep her knife ready for use.

“The water is not too bad, Chills”, she shouted. But Chillingsworth was occupied otherwise.
“Hello Mr Duck”, Chillingsworth said excitedly. She loved ducks – not in a “crispy-with-sauce-and-little-pancakes-with-cucumbers” way, no, she loved how they looked, walked and the funny noises they made.
“Quack”, the duck said.
“Would you like to try my lolly?”
“Ngggnn” said the duck, as ducks generally find it hard to speak with sticky lolly beaks. Chillingsworth smiled happily and patted its head, while taking a lick at the lolly herself.
“Something brushed my leg!” Chuckles was out of the water in a split second and waved her knife at the air. Chillingsworth took a small step back and said: “Let’s play a game. The rules are simple. You sit on your red wagon and I will ride my Big Wheel. We will drive down this road and the first one to pull over loses.”

The Game

Mr Duck was used to a quiet and peaceful neighbourhood and wiggled his head disapprovingly when he heard loud cheering in the distance. Suddenly the screeching of brakes filled the air, followed by loud shouting and very rude swearing. Someone was laughing hysterically. A second later he almost was hit by a wheel which fell from the sky. He decided to have an early night under the dock.

A fun day

“That was fun”, said Chillingsworth.
“It was! I hope the taxi driver wasn’t too angry that he lost”, said Chuckles.
“I wonder if the bloody rain will ever stop,” aid Chillingsworth. Chuckles stared at her.
“Just doing conversation!” Chillingsworth snickered and fixed her curls with the lolly.

“The Bored Clowns’ Guide to SL” is brought to you by the crazy minds of Fionna and Paulina. Stay tuned for new adventures! Click here if you missed the introduction.
Clown avatars “Clarabell” were created by Kaeli Candour and sold at “Carnival of Doom”, which sadly is gone now.
Pictures were taken at Creamshop
Red Flyer Wagon by Reek.
Big Wheel by CatNip.
Sitting poses in the last picture: Chillingsworth – Tinies Sitting 2 by Abranimations . Chuckles – Sitting (Subscribe-o-matic) by Sugar Mill.


2 Responses to “The Bored Clowns’ Guide to SL: Creamshop”

  1. Vianne Says:

    shakes fist @ Mijn Schatje poster hung in the cafe!!

  2. […] puddles and dark clouds. Today I was searching for new rainy places rather than going back to Creamshop again – and wow, I ended up at a beautiful spot! Mandala Bay houses a small Venetian canal […]

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