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Dorks in Demo Party, BE THERE! August 25, 2009

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Demo Party Invite

I’m sure if you are a reader of Pau’s adventures here, then you are familiar with the loverly Jenn Hienrichs over at SL Things To Do. Well, I also hope you have visted her gorgeous floating shopping world of goodness in Carmina! It’s so detailed and lovely to take pictures of, you have to visit. Oh hey, I know! I have a perfect reason for you to go there. Jenn and the Dorks are throwin a bash this Sunday at the mall, with of course a dorky twist ;). Here are the details:

SL THINGS TO DO & WHO LET THE DORKS OUT Invite you to a Demo Party!!!

What is that?? You wear only demo skins, hair, shoes or anything else “demo” you can find!!

Sunday, August 30th
1pm slt
Bring all your friends and let’s have a great laugh! Go find the silliest demos you can for this one!! Bring your cameras ready for some HILARIOUS shots!!

Phemie Alcott will sing from 1-2
Karaoke (in open voice) from 2-3.

Please send this on to any friends you think might enjoy this party, also!

So come Sunday, get all those crazy demos out and come look like an idiot with us here and walk over to the stage area in the far back left. And if nothing else, try to make it for Phemie’s performance! She is amazingly talented and you wont want to miss out.


One Response to “Dorks in Demo Party, BE THERE!”

  1. Tarissa Tripsa Says:

    haha, what a great idea…luckily for the grid, I won’t have time…stupid RL *sobs*

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