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Anime: Quirky, random and wonderful animations September 4, 2009

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Today was one of those days when I was flying around without a real plan and clicking on interestingly looking sims on the big map, which turned out to be not that interesting at all. Then I suddenly found myself in this very cute cartoon-ish town called “Anime“. Just a few moments later I realised that Anime was not only a great photo location, but that it is also home to a very random and wonderful assortment of little shops selling all kinds of quirky animations.


This is just a selection of things I discovered there while walking through the little streets:

– a rope skipping animation
– a gigantic hammer for zombie hunt (I know! I know! Sorry, zombies – I didn’t buy it, I promise!)
– a human-ostrich chimera with AO
– old woman and man AOs
– a whole bunch of mermaid avatars in all shapes and colours (clownfish!) with AOs, a fish bowl and a shell lounge
– a vampire pose HUD
– a Ninja AO
– a pose ball to do morning stretches, with different stretch options
– vintage bath tubs with couple poseballs

Joke Factory

Funnily enough I had just discovered “Joke Factory” on another sim and they also have an outlet here. I love the refrigerator monster (go there! click it! you know you want to!). I also adore the little guard pet, which reminds me a lot of Terry Pratchett’s Luggage. You can set it to follow strangers and attack them to the blood, or you can set it to love its owner. Useful for so many situations!

Crazy Cat Lady

When I saw this AO by D-LAB and Random Kitten, I just couldn’t resist to buy it. It comes with a chubby cat, hamster or sheep, which you carry around while walking, flying or running. The AO is a bit wacky but it makes the whole thing even funnier – the cat on the head is optional, so you don’t have to look like a crazy cat lady if you don’t want to.

OMG! Goats!!

After I had bought this and giggled for a few minutes, I turned around and saw the next sign. OMG! Goats!!! You can choose between a black or a white goat and they carry a mail bag around their neck and an envelope in their mouth. How adorable is that?! I absolutely had to get a goat too.

Crazy Goat Lady

Just call me Crazy Goat Lady. I won’t care. 😀

Teleport to Anime here.


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