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Mirror Mirror On The Wall… September 6, 2009

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…who is the grimmest of them all?

The answer to that might easily be: Cutea Benelli, the creative genius behind “Grim Bros” and “Low Prim and Grim“. Her stores are crammed full of amazing steampunk and gothic things, more than often with a touch of the macabre. I could easily spend ten thousands of Lindens here and if you visit her main store for the first time you will be overwhelmed by the intricate heels and boots, hats, accessories and some of the most fantastic dresses and outfits I have ever seen. My favourite department however is the avatar department, which is being extended at great speed, and I am going to show you some of them in this blog post.

Elven Forest

When I was looking for a location for the pictures, I had a forest in my mind: A place with darkness and light, with hidden spots and with a mystical feeling, a place you might find in fairy tales or fantasy movies, and one that was new to me as well. Therefore I was very excited when I teleported into “Elven Forest” and found all that and more.
Elven Forest consists of two sims: “Jaded Wings” has a more open feeling with grasslands, little ocean islands and and hills, whereas “Blossom” harbours a forest, an old castle, a treehouse and a lot of lovey-dovey pose balls. Both sims have tons and tons of photo opportunities and lots of hidden spots waiting to be explored. The rules ask for fantasy clothing – but as you will see now, this forest is also home to some very rare and quirky creatures.

Ex machinima

This steampunk Ex Machinima fairy is a very rare winged species, one you would not happen to see everyday. She prefers to hide in caves and if you catch her in her fairy dance, stay silent and keep a distance. She doesn’t like to be disturbed.


The Snorkelbunny mostly lives underwater, but sometimes likes to come out to enjoy the sunshine. Its preferred food are fish bones, as you can clearly see in the picture above. Snorkelbunnies are friendly creatures but don’t try to take away their rubber ducks or they can become very, VERY nasty.

The very evil sofa

The very evil sofa likes to lurk in the shadows and wait for crunchy snacks who mistake it for a genuine piece of furniture. It usually uses a warm dinner and a bottle of red wine as bait. If you see a glow in the woods that seems to be a bit too big for a firefly and vaguely resembles the shape of a lampshade, combined with a really yummy smell, I would advise you to turn around and search for an alternative path. You have been warned!

Wild Wutz Watz

The Wild Wutz Watz is a genuinely friendly and pleasant creature, although you might be deterred by its looks at first, second and third sight. It loves the seaside but tends to smell horrible when wet.

Stanley Cubic

Stanley Cubic is your typical next-door-robot, always up for an adventure, as long as his battery power is still high enough. He enjoys the forest and watching wildlife, although you will sometimes finds that wildlife seems to enjoy watching him more.

Bad Bad Bonko

“I didn’t chop your home down on purpose – honestly!” Don’t believe a word of what Bad Bad Bonko is saying. He has an axe and he surely knows how to use it.


One of the hidden spots in Elven Forest is beyond lunatic and weird and this is where you might find Bad Bad Zouzou. To get there, you have to sit on the “lunatic” poseball – just to give you a hint, it is hidden where zombies may lie.

Watermelon Man

Watermelon Man is a very greedy creature. His long tongue has evolved to efficiently find and gobble any available food. He is a Grim Bros charity item for “Nothingbutnets” (providing nets in the fight against Malaria) and costs $L111.

As I said in the beginning of this post, this is just a selection of the avatars available at Grim Bros and I can only strongly recommend you to go there and take a look at the whole sortiment and at all the other amazing things Cutea has created! Also don’t forget to grab the free “Sniffles” virus avatar, the chain rollerskates and tushie cushie and to sign up for the Midnight Mania boards. You won’t be disappointed! 🙂


4 Responses to “Mirror Mirror On The Wall…”

  1. Fionna Whiteberry Says:

    Great post Pau! Cutea has such an imaginative mind and creates wonderful things 🙂

  2. […] reading at “Who Let The Dorks Out“. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Nadj´s Tipp –13 Free native jewelry […]

  3. Voy Sands Says:

    *smiles* wonderful post … had great fun reading about these creepy creatures living at Elven Forest which I didnt knew yet … ohmy … will have to check twice at every shadow now – to not run into the evil sofa …

    and thank you for links to Blossom and Jaded Wings =)

  4. Thanks, Fi! <33

    Awww thanks for reading, Voy, and thanks for having created such a beautiful place!!

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