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How I wanted olives and got balloons September 13, 2009

This is probably going to be one of the longest and most random posts ever, but it contains a good mix of SL goodness like trains, a submarine, a particle sphere, balloons and silly weapons, so it is worth sticking around to the end! 😀

It all started last evening when I only wanted to take a quick picture of the “Shy Sheep” avatar (CSR 2009 prize by **DP**yumyum) and to try out Bella’s new poses. I remembered that I had a dress called “Olive Juice” from H&V and then thought it would be funny to find a giant olive to take pictures in. Unfortunately SL disappointed me this time and only returned a handful of places, none of which had anything to do with olives. Even more bizarre, one of the search results was “The Great Second Life Railway”. I love trains in SL and so far I had only travelled on the small ones traversing zoos or amusement parks. Therefore I decided to put olive juices aside for a moment and check out the railway – it doesn’t take a lot to distract me!

The Great Second Life Railway

When I teleported to the station I was a bit disappointed, because the Great Railway turned out to be only one wagon and it didn’t even have an engine! Boo! After I boarded it got immediately better though, because it drove into a cave system with some adventurous turns and curves. The track then continued outside and I admired the landscape and the ocean. Suddenly the train came to a stop, as it reached the sim borders and apparently wasn’t able to cross them.


I almost had given up all hope, when suddenly a smaller wagon overtook the one I was sitting in and crossed the sim without any problems! Any random bypassers at that point would have been able to observe a flying sheep following behind the “Kitto Flora Transportation” wagon, desperately trying to get a seat in it.

The Great Second Life Railway

Finally I was able to sit on the roof and continued my journey past typical SL sights like a Wild West Night Clubs directly next to a lighthouse, until I arrived at back my starting point. If you like trains, you should definitely give this a go, it is a lot of fun.

Ethereal Slate

Having disembarked I decided to explore the cavern “Ethereal Slate” a bit more. I have seen many caves in SL, but none of them seemed as random as this one. Outside of it there was an assortment of chairs and a gondola (which I unfortunately couldn’t ride). Inside there were temples, waterfalls and strangely enough, a submarine.

Particle Sphere

I also stumbled across this particle sphere sitting in the water. Give me particles and I could spend hours there, just watching the different colours and effects change while drifting off into a state of hypnosis.

YAY for particles

YAY! A much better backdrop for the Dancing Queen Sheep than my photosphere at home!

Dancing Sheep!

I finally managed to tear myself away from the particle sphere and continued my way over to the sim Teal and to a mysterious castle. Following a store sign promising “Light Sorcery” I couldn’t believe it when I saw the vendors – it was an outlet of Photon Pink, the creator of Photon’s Castle which I had visited ages ago! In front of me was a small but wonderful range of items featuring clown horns, reactive sea urchins or a particle hat. However, there were two items which made me squeal with delight: One of them was an item I had to buy immediately because of its high sillyness factor and the other one was my most favourite weapon ever, which I had planned to blog for ages.

Bubble Baller and Balloon Jumper

The first item was the “Balloon Jumper” for L$250. Wear it, jump and press the jump key another time, and it will rez a balloon under your feet (hooves), making you bounce up again. I spent the next 20 minutes doing that and trying to get as high as possible. It was very hard to take pictures doing all that at once, but can you see how high I am? 😀

Balloon Jumper

Don't cross me!

According to the instructions the colours of the balloons, the “boing” sounds and the bounciness can be adjusted to taste. The package also comes with the permission-free arrow gun pictured above, which you can pass on to your friends. They then can shoot at your balloons and the balloons will go “poof” and the strings will fall down (I haven’t tested this though).

The Bubble Baller

The “Candypunk Bubble Ball Gun” (L$200) is my most favourite weapon ever in SL and there are a number of reasons why. First of all, I love bubbles and this package comes with a huge shooter and a matching spare bubble tube. Secondly, the bubbles glow and wobble menacingly in the shooter. And thirdly, the bubbles are gigantic and trap people when they are hit (which is the reason why this is my friends’ least favourite weapon). You can customise if the bubbles can pop and how long they will last if they don’t pop. So much fun to trap people and then see them disappear into the distance on your Mystitool…40 m…60 m…80 m….pop. Yes, I am that evil. 😀

At this point I decided to call it a day and to log off, in order to prevent this post reaching epic lengths. After logging in this morning however I knew that there would have to be a second part. 😀 Stay tuned for more randomness coming soon!

“The Great Second Life Railway”: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Slate/1/187/41
Particle Sphere at Ethereal Teal: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Teal/52/236/21
Light Sorcery: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Teal/79/139/21
H&V: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bill/197/195/43
Olive Juice Poses (in particle sphere: Big Jumps, Dancing Queen; Arrow gun: Jungle Drums; Bubble Baller: Loli Dolly We likes to party)


4 Responses to “How I wanted olives and got balloons”

  1. Tarissa Tripsa Says:

    Yay sheep! Yay random! Yay trains! Yay guns! Yaaaay!

  2. Sounds like a fun night even without the olives.

  3. That is quite possibly my favorite story of yours yet! And not because of your superb taste in poses, lol. The randomness was hilarious and OMG I WANT THAT GUN!!!!!:!:!KLJ@KJ#@OP+}!!111

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