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Windlight Settings: Surreal September 15, 2009

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about experimenting with Windlight and now I have finally managed to upload the files for sharing them with you. With these presets it is possible to achieve very graphic and colourful effects, which fascinates me everytime I decide to use them. Just give it a go and also try to use them in different locations to see how they change your environment. 🙂 Sometimes it might be necessary to adjust the Sun/Moon position or East Angle in the Advanced Sky Settings for optimal lighting of your avatar or object of interest. Also do play around with the other sliders and see what happens. 🙂

Splish Splash!

Download “Surreal – Brazil”.

Surreal - Flirt
Download “Surreal – Flirt”.

Surreal - Summer
Download “Surreal – Summer”.

Surreal - Night

Download “Surreal – Night”.

Surreal - Fire
Download “Surreal – Fire”.

Default Sky

And this is the same picture using the default sky settings.

I would be more than happy if you would link back to this blog if you use any of these settings– mainly so that other people can download them too and because I am very curious on how others might use them. But I do know how difficult it can be to remember which settings were used during a photo shoot and that it isn’t always feasible. Therefore it isn’t a requirement for use. Click here for a tutorial by Torley Linden on how to install Windlight presets.

Pictures were taken at Las Arenas Rosadas.

Skin: Belle Pale Smokey Kisses by Belleza
Eyes by Miriel (no longer available)
Hair: Janae by EDT
Swimsuit “Sabrina” by Artilleri
Pose: Hi-Fi OR037 standing on one leg balancing by Eri Helendale


6 Responses to “Windlight Settings: Surreal”

  1. Torley Says:

    Paulina, if you keep doing this, the word “dork” will keep sliding towards complement! I found these via iheartsl (gotta love that name 🙂 ) and I thank you for being EXTREME with WindLight!

    You already know about that WindLight settings page, so feel free to add your SURREALITY to the list on top if you’d like!

    Live vividly.

  2. THESE ARE FANTASTIC! And so are you :D. The windlight mastah thinks so *points up*, it must be true, YAY

  3. Torley, thanks so much for your comment!! As Bella said, coming from the Windlight Master – I feel very honoured. :)) But what do you mean with “dork” not being a compliment now?!??! Hehe. Thanks for the invite to add the settings to the Windlight page, I will do that. 🙂

    Thanks Bella! <333

  4. Torley Says:

    Crap I realized I spelled “compliment” wrong 😉 and Paulina, I meant “dork” is becoming an increasingly positive term… perhaps a term of endearment! Years ago I only heard it as an insult so I’m glad you claimed dorks.wordpress.com , heh heh!

    You’re most welcome! Keep being creative! ^_^

  5. marls Says:

    The best part about these windlight settings – is that they can be taken IN GAME. I try to get these effects for design in photoshop by using my blending options (hard mix being my favorite).

    Great post P-diddy! OX

  6. Haha I know, Torley, I was just kidding. 🙂 I didn’t even know the term “dork” before I met Bella and Fi – but they gave me a crash course in great depth about what it meant. 😀 <333

    Thanks marls! I might be weird, but I have a strange ambition to post-process my pics as less as possible after taking them in-game. LOL.

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