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Oh My Stars, True Blood Poses! September 18, 2009

Hey y’all! There is True Blood goodness now available at Olive Juice! SO… I am aware that Season 2 of HBO’s True Blood series is over. But, I’ve been working on these pose sets and poses for quite a while, with a busy family, blah blah excuses excuses. To make up my tardiness as to a planned release date, I slashed the prices for ya! There are three pose sets for only 75L each, and a bunch of poses for 20L each. They are all copy/mod so you can adjust to your heart’s content, plus two sets come with different size versions. AAAAND, the “art” (ok not so much) showing each pose is included in a print for free :). Have fun with them, and I’d LOVE to see your pics with these sets or poses! If you haven’t joined yet, I encourage you to hop over to the Olive Juice Flickr Group and show off your stuff. Thanks so much guys, lots of <33333

True Blood Y'all!
Can you see the cute little sculptie blood droplets for poseballs? lol

I Wanna Do Bad Things With You
It Hurts So Good.

I Can Bring You Back To Life
Bring You Back to Life

Vamp Meets Girl
Vamp Meets Girl, and yes the sculpted rock is included 🙂

Lo Lo Bromios
Lo Lo Bromios, individual pose

See ya at Olive Juice! ❤


3 Responses to “Oh My Stars, True Blood Poses!”

  1. OMG these are awesome – and I love the pictures! Bill’s expression in the second picture (the first true blood one) made me laugh loudly though, haha! It must have taken you a while getting your outfits together so that they look so real!

  2. marls Says:

    I love these new poses! You will be seeing them in my next few posts, definitely! hehehe

    *tries not to pee pants in excitement*

  3. I missed this comment Pau, sorry! I suck at basic reading skills apparently, lol. Thanks so much and yes, I couldn’t help but rofl at Rocket’s face too. SL isn’t very realistic as far as emotes, hahaha! It DID take forever, but it was a fun little project. I only make what I think will be enjoyable 😀

    Yay Marly! I’m glad you like them *squees like a Twilight fangirl*. I was a little frustrated about the lack of creativity in trying to portray the characters with just their poses, but it was still fun. And that’s why they are CHEAP! lol *hands you a puppy pad*

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