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Witty Title About Poses and a Dollarbie September 29, 2009

Oh hey, so I forgot to announce to the world that there are new poses at Olive Juice! I’m…. a slow cookie these days. Blame 3 year olds and crawling 7 month olds. ANYwho, there is a dollarbie out too! See, I was excited for that pose until I saw one similar on the feed AFTER I made it. Fail. So since I apparently lacked creativeness, my sad is your happy because YAY ONE LINDEN! Also, even though quite a few of my poses are unisex, I made some in mind for the fellas this time around. As usual, only 25L a pop. Aaaaand, there is a new main store being built as we speak on the Harold Starlust sim! So I look forward to seeing you guys there when it’s done. Olive Juice, all of yous ❤

New Dollarbie Pose at Olive Juice!

New at Olive Juice Girls
Dramz, Oops! I lost my top, Longoish, It’s Coming!, Mourning Glory Homage
Items worn:
shirt- Nylon Outfitters: Tattooed Maryanne
jeans- oyakin: cuffed jeans
necklace- mpb/epoque: keys please- white gold for female
shoes- Cherry: The Alice Cullen Flats
skin- MiaSnow: Rainbow, tan
hair- Tiny Bird: Millionaire

New at Olive Juice Men
Aloof you man, Retrospective Man, I love Lamp and I can see up your skirt ma’am
Items worn-
jeans- Gearshift: Maverick Black
shirt- Truth
shoes- um…. I don’t remember. fail
skin- free newbie skin at Imagen
hair- dollarbie Bryce hair at Gnubie store. Pretty sure

Get ’em while they’re hot at Olive Juice!


2 Responses to “Witty Title About Poses and a Dollarbie”

  1. Tarissa Tripsa Says:

    Yaaaay! Did I buy the ones for ze fellas as well? Must check once the new mainstore is finished…*panics*

  2. OR how about you look at your offline messages 😉

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