Who let the dorks out?

Rain in Venice September 30, 2009

I love rain in Second Life. It creates a very unique and relaxing atmosphere and in a world of endless sunshine my heart always jumps a bit when I discover a new place with raindrops, puddles and dark clouds. Today I was searching for new rainy places rather than going back to Creamshop again – and wow, I ended up at a beautiful spot! Mandala Bay houses a small Venetian canal with a bridge, a gondola and lots of little shops.

Rain in Venice

Laura Liberty has created a fantastic spot for photographers, with scattered umbrellas, poseballs and the possibility to rez photo props.

Hello, Mr Stickman

Little Panda Me met this distraught stickman, running around a bit confused and demanding to go to the toilet. What a bizarre encounter…


Teleport to Venice here to admire the beautiful scenery and to listen to the rain.
Tiny Panda Avatar ($L10) by Pink Fuel (teleport here).

“Mirror of puddle/sad bunny” by BP (group gift, if I remember right, teleport here).


6 Responses to “Rain in Venice”

  1. Ms. Robbiani Says:

    yay! Great pictures as always and now I have a new place to visit.

  2. Thanks Yuvi! I was thinking of you when I took the pictures (because of the panda). 🙂

  3. Empty Inkpen Says:

    Great pics! Definitely visiting.. I love rain too 😀

  4. Paulina Says:

    Thanks, Empty Inkpen! Great name! 😀

  5. […] few days ago while Lizzie was reading Who Let The Dorks Out, Lizzie came across one of Paulina’s posts about a section of Mandelay Bay with shops and […]

  6. very very nice work!!! greetings from Belgrade!

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