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Zombiefest Needs YOU!! October 6, 2009

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zombiefest flyer

Calling all humans and Zombies! Actually, calling all walks of life in SL and of course, the undeaders too. This weekend is Zombiefest. “What is Zombiefest?”, you say??? The Hot for Zombies group in SL will be raising money to benefit the Red Cross in their efforts to aid the victims of the recent tsunamis.

We will have vendors selling items, FREEBIES, a carnival, zombie date auction, zombie kissing booth, zombie formal ball and djs providing music throught the weekend.


Friday, October 9th: Build opens to the public, zombie kissing booth & djs streaming throught the day

Saturday, October 10th: 1pm SLT Zombie Auction, 4pm SLT Zombie formal ball, zombie kissing booth & djs streaming throught the day

Sunday, October 11th: 6 pm SLT SCAB burlesque show (all zombie burlesque), zombie kissing booth & djs streaming throught the day

How can you help? If you are a creator, we are still accepting donated items with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity. Technically the deadline for donations is tomorrow but we will accept donated items up until Friday morning. If you have something to donate you can contact Gattina Dumpling, Stein Shilova or Putrid Gloom by notecard. We also need people to auction off for the date auction. If you are interested in auctioning off your pixels, you can contact Olivia Connaught by notecard. Have dj skills you’d like to share? Contact Iris Seale and let her know when you are available. All tips will be going to the charity. If you’re a zombie and would like to take a turn sitting in the kissing booth, you can contact me, Fionna Whiteberry by notecard.

The festival opens on Friday, October 9th. I’ll be back then to post the slurl for you all. We hope you’ll mark it on your calendars and join the zombies for some creepy fun and help raise money for the Red Cross.


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  1. […] dorks.wordpress.com/2009/10/06/zombiefest-needs-you/ […]

  2. […] ZOMBIEFEST has finally started! It took me several minutes to get into the sim because it was absolutely packed full with mostly undead and some brave living visitors. Due to rezzing issues I have only seen a part of it so far, but what I have seen is amazing!! The sim setup is dark and detailed, with lots of little huts, a zombie kissing booth, zombie pose balls and even a carnival. Creators have donated items and set up vendors, and 100% of the proceeds go to the Red Cross. These are just some of the awesome things you can buy there and hopefully we will show you more within the next couple of days. […]

  3. The Sim Admins are kicking people out and baning them from the Sim for no Reasons…

    My friends and I went there to shop, and were hoping to meet new Zombie’s for our Roleplaying Group.

    We got kicked out and banned from the Sim.

    No Explanations given.

  4. Also.. We were not gesturebating. We were not spamming anything.

    We were just standing on out own, talking, shopping… and hoping to meet more potential Zombie roleplayers.

    I attempted to contact the Sim Admin who kicked us all out, and received NO reply!

    Really great public event… kicking out people who come to contribute!

    Do not go to this!!

  5. Tempest Ella Says:

    Totally not impressed with ~ a few of my friend’s getting ejected from the sim and event, we have all been around SL a long time and are definatly not noobs who were there to cause trouble or grief, We went to shop ~ and socialise with others in Sl whom share the same interest’s.

    Not to mention ! The admin was conatcted and didnt even reply –

    Poor poor management on the even runners behalf … and we were having fun while we were there also.

    • Fionna Whiteberry Says:

      I’m sorry that you both feel you were ejected for no reason what so ever. I trust that person who ejected you had a very good reason for doing so. If you will contact an admin they will be happy to provide you with the reason. If they do not answer right away, try another person or please wait for them to get back to you.

      We have had to eject very few people over a very busy weekend. This has been a success in many ways and people should feel they are able to come here and enjoy the festivities while raising money for a good cause.

      • Uh.

        We DID attempt to contact the Sim Admin, we looked up several to contact in fact.

        We received no replies.

        I should think that 24 hours is sufficient time for them to reply. Even sufficient time to reply to polite Notecards that had been sent to them; and if I were allowed back into the Sim then I could seek out even more additional Admins, but it seems I have also been banned from the entire Sim Chain, a place I knew nothing of, until this weekend…

        Which is unfortunate as the Sim in which the event was host looked like a very nice Sim.

        However, I can now publicly state that I think, I might know the reason.

        Apparently this has to do with the fact that this Event was supposedly hosted by a place called NoR, or the Nation of Remembrance. Some sort of chain of Roleplay Sims within Second Life.

        There is nothing printed about this fact, within this public Advertisement. The Hot for Zombies Group of Second Life who promoted this Event are not affiliated with NoR in any way, as according to a Search within Second Life for that Group that lists nothing about NoR in any of their public SL Group Search Profiles, EXCEPT… for one instance.

        The Sim Admin, in which the Event was Hosted within NoR, Exodus, the same person who kicked us out and banned us, is apparently a member of the Hot for Zombies Group of Second Life, and is apparently an Admin within that Group!!

        This persons name, is “not included” in the above advertisement as one of the individuals to contact about this Event.

        There are EIGHT Contact Names provided for individuals associated with the Hot for Zombies Group, eight names listed as individuals to contact about this Event.

        Not one of them has anything listed in their public SL Profiles about any affiliation with NoR.

        How convenient.

        I do not know anything about either party, and have until now never heard of them, and frankly don’t care about them at this point, due to this obvious attempt to “grief attack” my friends with a Sim Ban…

        …and this is most likely why, according to what I have been recently told.

        Apparently a little over two years ago, there was some sort of fight between RP Sim Owners, and it involved the owner of NoR.

        I do not know the details of what happened, I know nothing of what the fight involved. I was not there, I was not involved, and I don’t care about it, as it did not concern me, until now. But it seems that NoR broke away and severed its partnership at that time, with the Sim Chain in which I currently Roleplay. Its Admins were then accused of a number of documented instances of Content Theft; and were DMCA reported for such…

        It would appear, that our Group was kicked out and banned, because of this. As well as for advertising our own RP Group and Sim Chain, in a Titler which I alone wore, in hopes of attracting “like minds” to our Group.

        Our Zombie Roleplay Group is barely six months old. Many of our members were not involved in what ever happened two years ago, and know nothing about it.

        My Titler, stated nothing less then; a question asking people to talk to me about their interest in roleplaying a Zombie within SL’s largest chain of Dark Roleplay Sims. It named our Sim Chain, and then stated how many Sims we have.

        It stated this, and nothing more, for 3 purposes.

        1. Attract attention in hopes people will talk to us and ask us about our Group. This was a Public Event that never advertised anything about NoR being its Host, so we felt we were doing nothing wrong with this.

        2. It named the Sim Chain where we Roleplay. This was done, so anyone interested could Google it, look it up in SL Search, or do whatever, to see if it might be a place where they would enjoy roleplaying a Zombie.

        3. It provided a brief, provable Fact, about our Sim Chain being the largest Roleplay Sim Chain within Second Life. Merely an attempt to advertise that we’re from a successful chain of RP Sims that continues to grow.

        I alone wore the Titler, because I am one of the senior most Officers/Recruiters of our Group. If people attending this Event were interested in us and wanted to try roleplaying a Zombie, then I was the person they would have wanted to talk to.

        Now seeing as this was a publicly advertised Event, intended to attract Zombies from all over Second Life, and seeing that this publicly advertised Event, states nothing within the above advertisement about the Event being sponsored or hosted by NoR…

        Then my friends and I presumed we were allowed to mind our own business; shop, mingle, and just let the Titler do its own work.

        The Person who did the kicking and banning, never bothered to contact me directly, first, to politely ask me to remove this Titler.

        If they had, then I would have politely complied with such a request. Instead, due to their affiliation with NoR, they merely proved with this action of theirs, that the Owners of NoR apparently are holding some sort of grudge against the place where I chose to Roleplay.

        Some in our Group were very new to Zombie Roleplaying and were very interested in the Vendors involved in this Event. Many of them had never heard of NoR, and one was very visibly upset over being kicked out and banned; as she did not understand why, and thought it was unfair treatment and harassment.

        Others, also felt it was harassment and filed Abuse Reports over it.

        As for myself, I was only just made aware of the Event on Friday the 9th, while I was at Work, when a member of our Group emailed me about it.

        I looked it up on Google, found this Advertisement, and then posted about it on our own Website hoping to attract more traffic to the Event; hoping to send more Zombies to it; and hoping to find potential roleplayers for our own Group. When I logged into SL later on, I sent out some Group Notices with a Landmark to the Event. The Landmark stated nothing about NoR.

        As I said, I don’t know anything about NoR, had never heard of it until now, and don’t care about it…

        As at this point, it does not seem all that great a place to Roleplay.

        That, is all I have to say, on this matter…

  6. Fionna Whiteberry Says:

    Jolene ~

    The Hot For Zombies group is not affiliated with NoR. NoR did, however, very generously offer us the sim space for our event. If you feel your banning was not for valid reasons, then you will have to take it up with the NoR admin. They are the ones to contact about your issue.

    I will say that I did not have to state which sim was hosting our event in my blog post. Also, it is very clear to anyone who is at this event that they are hosting us. There are many large signs posted throughout the build saying that they are the hosts of this event.

    I urge you to contact the admin for NoR to address your issue.

  7. I’m very sorry you guys feel there are any misunderstandings about bannings and what not. However, this is not the place to discuss it. It’s apparent that you are only here because of a Google search and not a returning Who Let The Dorks Out reader. We are advertising this event because it’s for charity, I myself am a vendor there and Fi helped out a ton with the event. We are not land owners or affiliated with NoR. So again, this is not the public forum for such complaints. We are a drama-free, fun blog so I’d ask that we let this conversation rest and hopefully you hear something back from the admin who you won’t name. We can’t help you out any further without that information. Please respect the purpose of this event, raising money for The Red Cross. To encourage people to NOT go is upsetting. Thank you.

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