Who let the dorks out?

I Decay, My BFF Jill? October 9, 2009


So, sick of Zombie propaganda yet? Too bad! Zombiefest is upon us as posted… twice… below. But I wanted to let you guys know that Olive Juice have several EXCLUSIVE pose sets, freebies and deals only available at the event this weekend. Again, 100% of the proceeds from every single vendor goes to The International Red Cross in aid of the recent Tsunamis. Plus there is a Zombiefest flickr contest, and I have several pose sets out at the event to help you get in the spirit. So, I’ll just show you quick pics, the event schedule, and let you be on your way. Grrr….. arrrrrgh.

Zombiefest Posepack for Fleshies
Poses will be released at Olive Juice after this weekend for individual sale. You can ONLY get them all for 50L at Zombiefest.

Run Fleshbag Run

Nom Your Brain

i love you to death

killer zombies attack

ZOMGbies Pose Pack
Zombie pose pack is 1L only at Zombiefest this weekend.
PLUS a freeeeee zombie pose is also out.

Zombiefest Event Schedule:
HOT FOR ZOMBIES in conjunction with World Zombie Day present:
Oct 9-13

A Chairty Event to raise money for the Red Cross

Exclusive Zombie, Goth & Spooky Items
Zombie Date Auction, Zombie Kissing Booth, Zombie Formal Ball
Freebies! Live DJs! and Games!

Friday October 9th: Build opens to public

Saturday: October 10th:
1 PM SLT: Zombie Auction
4 PM SLT: Zombie ball

Sunday: October 11th:
Kissing booth
SCAB Burlesque show: 6 PM SLT


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