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Let me pick your brains October 9, 2009

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(Pose: “Killer Zombies Attack!” by Olive Juice).

ZOMBIEFEST has finally started! It took me several minutes to get into the sim because it was absolutely packed full with mostly undead and some brave living visitors. Due to rezzing issues I have only seen a part of it so far, but what I have seen is amazing!! The sim setup is dark and detailed, with lots of little huts, a zombie kissing booth, zombie pose balls and even a carnival. Creators have donated items and set up vendors, and 100% of the proceeds go to the Red Cross. These are just some of the awesome things you can buy there and hopefully we will show you more within the next couple of days.

Beautiful Zombie Bella

Beautiful Zombie Bella is wearing the “Zombiedoll in Pink” shirt by Balaclava and the Chai skin “Nova Zombarella 1”. Her relaxed and yet slightly scary zombie attitude and the gut in her left hand come with the RC Cluster “Zombie AO”.
(Not available at Zombiefest: Jeans “Black Ripped Maverick” from Gearshift, “Pornstar” shoes from Urban Bomb Unit, “Dylan” hair from fri.day).

Skull SkipIt

I love the bloody “Skull SkipIt” from Sars! It is animated and spins around surprisingly fast. My “Shy Sheep” avatar (CSR 2009 gift from DP*yumyum, not available at Zombiefest) is wearing the “Rat’s Nest Hair” from CatNip and the “Bloody O Jack fullbody tattoo” from PeeBox.

Rat's Nest Hair

Pose: “Zombeh eh eh oh oh oh” by Olive Juice.

Death as you wouldn't expect it

CatNip is also selling this scythe (comes with a female and a male version). Little Sheep Death is wearing the bloody “Leda” dress from “This is a Fawn” and the free zombie hair from “Rotten Toe”.

This picture was taken at a little graveyard behind the zombie carnival. Even if you are not that much into the whole zombie couture, there is a lot to see and explore at Zombiefest, and if you are a photographer, you will find lots of photo opportunities. You can also submit your pictures to the Hot for Zombies Flickr group to enter a photo competition for cash prizes (1st prize $L5000, 2nd prize $L3000, 2 runner-ups $L1000). Deadline is the 18th of October.

Teleport to Zombiefest here, 9th – 13th October.


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