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You can rot and still look hot October 11, 2009

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Zombiefest is on its peak and so far has managed to raise $L360.000 for the International Red Cross!! I was roaming the sim today and spent some serious Lindens on all the amazing things which have been generously donated by designers and creators. 100% of the proceeds go to charity. What better excuse could there be for splashing out on “new” gory, bloody and awesome stuff? And even if you normally are not into zombie fashion, remember that Halloween is just around the corner. 🙂 This is only a selection of things I bought over the last couple of days and to make it easier for you to find the items, I have included SLURLS to the vendors.

Zombie En Vogue

Cutea Benelli from GrimBros designed these Zombie Dagger Heels with little skewered brains exclusively for Zombiefest – a must-have for every decaying fashionista!

Hello there *winks*

Make a bold fashion statement with the “Speak No Evil” necklace by CatNip. *winks* Oops. That wink might have been a bit too cordial.

Skin “Nova [Zombarella 3]” and Zombie Eyes by Chai [SLURL]
“Gouged Eye”, “Rat’s Nest Hair” and “Speak No Evil” necklace by CatNip. [SLURL]
“Lil Zombie Charity” dress and “Zombie Dagger” heels (special zombiefest edition) by GrimBros. [SLURL].
Poses: “Zombie Vogue’n It” and “Too sexy for my flesh”by +blacklisted + [SLURL].

Junkyard Queen

Zombies like to carry brain snacks around in case their blood levels drop. This one comes even with drippings. Mmm….

Skin “Stage 1 Zombie Wars Skin” by Horribaubles [SLURL].
Outfit “Junkyard Queen” by Rotten Toe [SLURL].
“Brain for mouth” by RC Cluster http://slurl.com/secondlife/Exodus/32/111/39
Pose: Why is the brains gone? by + blacklisted + [SLURL].

Queen of Skulls

Skulls somehow convey authority, it seems.

Skin “I Reek of Putrefaction Zombie Skin sickly” and “Tainted Outfit – Dirty Bloody White” by SMOTD [SLURL].
“Zombie Hair” (free gift) by Rotten Toe [SLURL].

Le Brains Please

“Your brains, please”.

Zombie Mime by Takashi Alekseev [SLURL].

Zombie Robot

Blinky looks innocent but you wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark graveyard.

“Blinky the Zombie Robot Avatar” by Dead Bunny [SLURL].

My Inner Graveyard

GrimBros is selling an “Inner Graveyard” breast attachment, complete with full moon and scary mood. Genius!

“Zombeh eyes” (free gift) by Beloved [SLURL].
“Zombie Hair” (free gift) by Rotten Toe [SLURL].
“I Reek of Putrefaction Zombie Skin (decayed)” – 2 in a pack for $L100 by SMOTD [SLURL].
“Halloween Yet?” Deep V-Neck by “This is a Fawn” [SLURL].
“Inner graveyard” by GrimBros [SLURL]

Eaten by the brain

The wearable zombie brain by ##CI## comes with three different animations: “Hungry”, “Lazy” and “Eaten” (pictured above). Take a closer look at the stiletto heels, they carry little anatomically correct hearts. <333

Animated Zombie Brain (to wear) with three animations by ##CI## [SLURL]
“Heartsnatcher Stiletto Heels” by GrimBros [SLURL].

All pictures were taken at Zombiefest – teleport here.


3 Responses to “You can rot and still look hot”

  1. i was there all week setting up and didn’t see half this stuff! amazing! you have an eye for the fun goods <3333

  2. Thanks Bella! 🙂 <33

  3. […] On my first tour I met the lovely Further Monday, one of the creators of Weather!…or not?, who was very appropriately dressed as a huge white albino rat. As you can see, we had a very yummy dinner together. The whole sim is so spooky and amazingly well built, and photographers will find plenty of eye candy and photo opportunities like this huge dining table with fun animations (Further’s head was actually spinning like mad). Further is wearing the “Weather!…or not?” blood-splattering umbrella and the brilliant skeleton “Arms of Kali” by Kras Alter (“gilded”). Both are charity items available at this event. At this point I was still in the process of accumulating unpacked boxes and therefore only wearing items from last year’s Halloween charity event. Credits can be found here. […]

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