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All Things Alice October 12, 2009

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To bring some balance to our blog after the recent gory and rotten zombie pictures, today’s post is about the colourful fantasy world of “Alice in Wonderland”. I will show you a place where you can enter it and meet the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit and all the other characters from the story.

All Things Alice

Your journey starts at Muse Isle West (SLURL), where you will find a little charming cottage. Enter it and search for the entrance to Alice’s World. Click on everything you see and you might find the one or other unexpected way to get in. 🙂

A new way?

I had problems with the teleporters the first time I arrived there and JenzZa Misfit, who put everything lovingly together, helped me to find my way. Just in case you experience problems as well, this SLURL will bring you directly to the entrance.

Alice in Wonderland Ride

Rez a Gondola, turn up your local sounds, set your draw distance to 300 m if possible and enjoy this ride created by Atom Burma and his team.

Oh hai, Cheshire Cat!

Oh hai there, Cheshire Cat! 🙂

Meeting the Mad Hatter

There comes the Mad Hatter with a teacup so big that I could probably take a swim in it.

What a great ride!

I am not going to show more pics so that I won’t spoil your fun – teleport there quickly!

Bunny avatar by **DP**yumyum [SLURL].
“Pure Alice” dress – free gift by Dreamin’g Alice [SLURL].


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