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Butterdish Goodness October 15, 2009

I’m pretty ass-terrible at finding new places on the grid. I rely heavily on my fellow dorkette, Paulina Oceanlane, to be my guide and also squee like a schoolgirl when Naxos Loon throws me an LM. I always know it’s going to be good, and the monkey delivered again! So I apologize if you guys already know all about Butterdish, but I couldn’t help but share!

Olive Juice in Butterdish... yum?
(Pose: Olive Juice– Here Comes the Sun)

Butterdish reminds me a lot of AM Radio’s nostalgic feel he gives his installments. You TP in, and you are on a road in the middle of BFE Midwest America circa 1923. It’s tornado season, and there is a mother of one circling the land. But there is a calmness and serenity to this storm’s surroundings. It’s peaceful, even with cows and fence posts flying through the air. There is a surreal beauty in Butterdish that makes you hold your breath. Light beams over the lush green pastures where cows are grazing and rain is falling. A lone tractor is abandoned in a wheat field, and a farmhouse sits vacant next to a quaint little pond. It all paints a lovely scene that makes you feel like you’re inside a painting.

Olive Juice in Butterdish... yum?
(Pose: Olive Juice– You Really Shouldn’t Drink Before Noon)

As if all the photo opportunities weren’t enough in this atmosphere, Wavie Haller and Ruby Sinclair have things inside the buildings you can purchase. You might have to pry yourself off the haystack you fainted in when you check out the prices. We are talking 19 dollars for a livingroom set, 7 dollars for a skybox, and so on. Ridiculously low for these beautiful items. Most of the merchandise can be found in framed pictures inside the structures, but a lot of the furniture is for sale setting out, like the cabinet in the bakery.

(Pose: Olive Juice– Decay)

Not much else I can say will convince you to go, or be able to to it justice in description, so I encourage you to hop over to Butterdish, hit their subscribe-o-matic for updates, and mark this LM in your mystitool favs. You’re going to want to come back again and again.

(Pose: Olive Juice– Swept Away)

(Pose: Olive Juice– Kicking Leaves)

Olive Juice in Butterdish... yum?
(Pose: Olive Juice– Fall Reflections)

Human Bella was wearing:
Cardigan: fri.day– Short Cardi (Blue) Scrunched
Skirt: Oyakin– brown and black skirt
Socks: Oyakin– kushu sox (cake)
Hair: fri.day– Dylan in Anxious Blonde
Skin: &Bean– Lake Betty (Pale)
Boots: Zombie Av Boots, free from Dernier Cri
Cami: Kurotsubaki– Camisole grey

Sheep Bella was wearing:
Shy Sheep from **dp**yumyum
Necklace: Twosome– Beaded Necklace in Purple & Grey
Skirt: Oyakin– fril miniskirt from set


4 Responses to “Butterdish Goodness”

  1. Cerrie Janus Says:

    Oh Bella! I just love this post. I went and spent hours there just a day or so ago and marveled at the cyclone and the crunchy rocks on the roads and the cows and apple trees and ALL of it! So glad you spread it all over cause it is a wonderful find and truely a must see.

    And could those poses have suited it any better? I think not ❤

  2. Your writing is great, your photos are amazing and I LOVE the sheep pictures so hard!!!! The flying sheep in the tornado made me LOLOLOL and the sheep at the lake is very poetic. And your Windlight settings rock. <33333

  3. Aw, Cerrie, thank you so much! You just made my day and believe me, I needed it. I’m pretty sure the word had spread but there has to be a few out there like me who just aren’t on the ball with the new cool places. PLUS i didn’t know they sold things there, and so cheap 😀

    Thanks so much Pau! I did the sheep just for you. I made the swept away pose as soon as i thought “there are cows, where are the other farm animals?”

  4. Oh and I was going to credit, but not sure which Windlight settings I used. I know I used AM Radio’s Nostalgia on one, and one of AnaLu’s, then the rest my own playing around. Thank you!

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