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Burning Life 2009 in a Nutshell – Part I October 18, 2009

“Burning Life” is my absolute favourite festival in Second Life. Since weeks I have been looking forward to the moment when the vast desert would open to the public and reveal its abundance of awesome, original and totally random art projects. Burning Life 2009 will be running from 17th to 25th October and there is sooo much to see! Just looking at the interactive map makes me feel slightly overwhelmed (but in a joyful way). Like last year I am going to share pictures and SLURLS of amazing and interesting places which I stumbled upon during my rather aimless journey through the desert.

Cabaret of Flames

“Cabaret of Flames” by Poid Mahovlich [SLURL]. Dancing with strangers under flames, holding fire fans (Poid’s freebies) – that is what BL is about!

Proud Flesh
“Proud Flesh” by Adam Ramona [SLURL]. From the notecard: “Each wind-responsive square tube fleshy flower will spawn a single seed when walked through by an avatar. The seed rises. If it collides with one of the geometric “clouds” randomly moving above, the cloud spawns a single shard. The shard releases a single raindrop. The raindrop falls. If it hits one of the square tube fleshy flowers, the square tube fleshy flower will spawn more seeds and so on.”

The Burning Woman
“The Burning Woman” by AuraKyo Insoo [SLURL]. “Dedicated to all children and women who were battered and murdered but never silenced”.

“Fushion” by Four Yip and Mescaline Tammas [SLURL]. Don’t forget to get the chocolate skin and other silly freebies like the eyes and the hat! (pose LAP “come closer”).

Happy Family
“Happy Family” by Artistide Despres [SLURL].

Giant headless skeleton
“Giant headless skeleton” by Mrs Bones [SLURL]. Particle freebies!

Straight Outta Compton
“Straight Outta Compton” by Anonymous Sorbet [SLURL].

Icarus and the Phoenix
“Icarus and the Phoenix” by Fang Roffo and Further Monday [SLURL]. Free wooden wings (pose LAP “Fly away”).

Funky Fembots Eggbounce
“Funky Fembots Eggbounce” by Maya Paris [SLURL]. Get a free fembot avatar and bounce up the eggs (just to land in the frying pan by L1Aura Loire next door).

Marcus Inkpen

Unfortunately I couldn’t find out the name of this dreamy installation by Marcus Inkpen [SLURL].

Bringing Water to the Desert
“Bringing Water to the Desert” by Alizarin Goldflake and Rezago Kokorin [SLURL].

More info about Burning Life:

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