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Burning Life in a Nutshell – Part 2 October 19, 2009

Today’s post will be quite short because a serious bug in my viewer forced me to log out at some point (i.e. elephant feet and wall textures all over my clothing). But that is OK because the two places I visited today are so amazing that they deserve more attention and more pictures.

Gulliver's Travel

The first one is “Gulliver’s Travel” by Ub Yifu and Copan Falta [SLURL]. The build and the textures are fantastic and the whole setup looks like a scene straight from an elaborate fantasy movie.
Gulliver's Travel

To fit into this year’s BL theme “evolution”, the liliputians have evolved into animals.

Gulliver's Travel

There are also a number of poseballs around Gulliver that allow you to become part of the scenery. ­čÖé

Friends are everywhere

The second build is by Yoa Ogee, who creates the most wonderful avatars (see blog post here) and has used his brilliant imagination to bring together these colourful fellows. The installation is called “Friends are everywhere” [SLURL] and if you go near one of the creatures and click on them, it will whisper a quote about friendliness or friendship. As Yoa Ogee states in the notecard, “they will change their quotations every 31,415926 hours… ca… the exactness depends on my rounding pi phobia”.

Friends are everywhere

tuara and araut, second class underworld gods whispers: No one can take away my freedom to choose how I will react.

the lion whispers: My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.

the Gordian Alien whispers: Hey, listen, how about you, and me getting together

On that note I will finish for today! ­čśÇ Enjoy BL!

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  1. […] Travel” and Yoa Ogee’s “Friends” fall into this category (see part 2) and I continued my exploring from where I finished it yesterday – right at Gulliver’s […]

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