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Burning Life 2009 in a Nutshell – Part 3 October 20, 2009

Earlier today I read this blog post by Poid Mahovlich in which she talked about the 12 big art plots at Burning Life. “Gulliver’s Travel” and Yoa Ogee’s “Friends” fall into this category (see part 2) and I continued my exploring from where I finished it yesterday – right at Gulliver’s foot.

Towards the Future

“Towards the Future” by Shellina Winkler and Solkide Auer [SLURL] is an immersive and colourful installation. Walk to the top of the build and click the fireball for a bubble ride through the installation.

Sekhmet's Serpentures

“Sekhmet’s Serpentures” [SLURL] is a massive temple built by Madcow Cosmos with the help of Lorin Tone (Sound/Music Design) and Judi Newall (Research/Photography). The music and sounds change depending on your location and camera angle.

Sekhmet's Serpentures

On top of the temple several snakes have gathered to make music – by clicking them you can change the sounds. Get your free musical hat at the botton of the pyramid.

Live, Explore, Grow, Evolve

I decided to leave the big art plots and fly aimless across the sims to explore the small builds. Geometrical installations, like “Live, Explore, Grow, Evolve” by Thend Destiny [SLURL] always make me stop for a picture.

Waiting for Pippin

“Waiting for Pippin” by by Loki Elliot [SLURL]. Grab a free Pippin soft toy and a blue bmx bike after you have explored the inside of the house.

Giant Mouse Trap

Just like in most children in RL, Fi and I did not really play this game but only tried to trap ourselves under the “Giant Mouse Trap” by Nawlins Streeter [SLURL]. Fun!

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3 Responses to “Burning Life 2009 in a Nutshell – Part 3”

  1. help! help! i’m in a nutshell!

    (sorry. couldn’t resist *feels ashamed*)

  2. /me dies laughing. oh marlypants

  3. I had to google this. *embarrassed*

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