Who let the dorks out?

Burning Life 2009 in a Nutshell – Part 4 October 22, 2009

Today I started my exploring in one of the corner sims as they always seem to get a bit less traffic than the center ones. And all I can say is that Vya and Leadville host a bunch of very creative and talented people!

Short Lived

My personal favourite today is “Short Lived” by Vroum Short [SLURL]

Short Lived

I LOVE the structures, colours and the lighting. It is a very calming place and a great location to take lots of pics! You can also sit inside and just enjoy the changing structures around you.


I also loved “Evolution” by Pol Jarvinen [SLURL]. The colours are beautiful and you can take home a pretty light installation as gift.


“Energy” by Nicci Lane [SLURL] – turn off one light before you leave to show that you care. “Burning lights waste our world away”.

Bumper Snails

“Bumper Snails” by The Lightning Slime Ranch [SLURL]- get the Riding Snail, one of my favourite transportation in SL, as free gift.

Burning Men

These little “Burning Men” form a chain to extinguish the Burning Man with sand. Created by Dingle Doigts [SLURL].

Organic Steampunk Evolution
“Organic Steampunk Evolution” by Tao Mistwalker [SLURL].

Inside my Head
“Inside my head” by Josie Rubble [SLURL].

America's Homeless Problem.

“America’s Homeless Problem” by 9Volt Electricteeth and Viomax [SLURL].

What if...

“What if…” by Rekka Berchot [SLURL]. What if aliens created humans out of sand and did dinosaurs became extinct because they ate their own eggs while they were laying them? I am not quite sure how to interpret the dinosaur. 🙂

Evolution of Fun

“Evolution of Fun by Lunna Wilder” [SLURL] with fun freebies (like a unicycle, a hoola hoop or a bingo hat).

Giant Antfarm

“Giant Antfarm”, hamster cage and aquarium [SLURL] by lisana rossen and Chip Merlin.

Remembering Humanity in a Virtual World.

“Remembering Humanity in a Virtual World” by Zanna Katscher [SLURL].

I only managed to explore a small part of Leadville but I will be coming back for more!

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