Who let the dorks out?

New Olive Juice Mainstore in Harold October 22, 2009

Come visit me at my new Olive Juice mainstore in the Starlust, at Harold. If you aren’t part of the Starlust group in world, or my subscribe-o-matic group, you might want to join! There is a free pack of poses in honor of the opening waiting for you.

New Olive Juice Mainstore in Harold!

Your Wall!

Every month, I will put up 3 or 4 photos from the Flickr group (or if you can’t join groups, let me know you took a pic) and hang them as art at the mainstore. I’ll include a link in each to your flickr stream and give you a pack of free poses as a thank you for the honor. ❤

This month we have Mijn Seoung’s "One day I’ll fly away"
Untitled by Jaja Lubitsch
and "Another Me" by Newreem Waffle

thank you girls!!!!! So many more I want to hang, so I hope you guys like this idea, and of course I will ask your permission first 😀


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