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Burning Life 2009 in a Nutshell – Part 5 October 23, 2009

This year’s BL theme is “Evolution” and it is fascinating to see how different creators have interpreted this topic. Some artists approach it in a more abstract way, like the “Evolution of Fun”, the “Steampunk Evolution” (see Part 4) or the “Evolution of Mind”.

Evolution of Mind
“Evolution of Mind” by Solo Mornington [SLURL].

Cambrian Explosion

“Cambrian Explosion” by Sledge Roffo [SLURL] however is the most literal interpretation I have seen so far, and one of the most beautiful installations this year.

Cambrian Explosion

“Cambrian Explosion was the seemingly rapid appearance of most major groups of complex animals around 530 million years ago, as evidenced by the fossil record. Set to Midnight and walk to the pond center.”

Cambrian Explosion

I jumped onto one of the floating poseballs and spent at least half an hour there just watching the colours change and a variety of ancient life forms, dice and fireworks appear and disappear again. Some of the pictures I took could, on first glance, easily be mistaken for images that the Hubble Space Telescope might generate. Definitely one of my favourite installations this year!

Camp Cupcake

Burning Life Themes are not compulsary and merely thought as inspirational source. During my explorations I saw a lot of camps and gathering spots. “Camp Cupcake” by Elise Capalini [SLURL] has this whimsical cupcake tree in its center, a lemonade stand and a sign threatening to sell unsupervised children to the circus.

BLeeding Windows

BLeeding Windows by Zuza Ritt [SLURL], grab a free glowing bike while you are there.

Flora Virtua Exotica

“Flora Virtua Exotica” is a place to chill out in a leaf boat and to admire the unique botanical species created by Soror Nishi, Pixi Cosmos and Snowy Hoobinoo [SLURL].

Burning Life Temple

And last but not least: The Burning Life Temple, this year built by Damanios Thetan [SLURL], which is going to burn down on Sunday 25th and Monday 26th October many many times, to make it possible for everyone around the world to participate in this event. 🙂 Exact times can be found on the official BL website. Hope to see you there!

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2 Responses to “Burning Life 2009 in a Nutshell – Part 5”

  1. Thanks so much for noticing and writing about my build. I appreciate it. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comment, Solo, and for building this wonderful installation! 🙂

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