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Haunted Bones October 27, 2009

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Halloween is approaching fast and if you haven’t found your perfect costume yet, how about one of the special halloween avatars from “Loco Pocos“? I fell instantly in love with this tiny skeleton – so creepy and cute at the same time! But you could also go for a ghost, a witch, a mummy or a tiny zombie (see them all on XStreetSL).

Hi there!

The special thing about these avatars is that they come with their own HUD, allowing you to customise features like eye colour and even clothes or accessories. This HUD also contains a bunch of gestures and several sound schemes (female and male). Innocent bystanders are guaranteed to die from cute overload by a little skeleton cheerfully waving at them and shouting “hewwo”.

The Haunted Ball

Little skeletons like spooky places and “Bloodmoon Manor” made me skip a heartbeat more than once (set your sky settings to midnight or a dark Windlight setting for maximum enjoyment). It is an incredibly well designed haunted house with lots of gory stuff and sudden surprises. There are also a lot of poseballs which let you be part of a boring funeral, be a rotten corpse or play the organ for the haunted ball. Unfortunately biggie poseballs are never really suitable for tinies, so please ignore the slight bone distortions in this picture. 😉

Bloodmoon Manor

The grounds around the manor are amazing as well. A graveyard hidden in fog, howling wolves roaming the forest or a dark carriage with a coffin – lots of fantastic photo opportunities!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! 🙂
*my favourite HUD feature – blowing kisses*
Bloodmoon Manor: SLURL
Loco Pocos: SLURL


2 Responses to “Haunted Bones”

  1. oh gosh, that’s such a cute avi!!!!! remember last year and our trick-o-treating at locos pocos? man i love that place. thanks for introducing me to the fun 😀

  2. Yeah I remember Bella, that was fun – poor little tiny us getting hit by lightning and flames, hehe. They have the same hunt again but I gave up after a while and too many sweets.

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