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Super Uber Mega Newness Pose Release October 29, 2009

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Hey guys! Sorry to clog ze blog again, but I’ve got a lot of newness to share. So much, that I am breaking it up into a few releases. So this week, there are 12 new poses, and two of which you can grab for free by joining the Olive Juice subscribe-o-matic group here, or here.

Uber Mega Newness Release

Uber Mega Newness Release

Olive Juice Group Gift

Like I said before, I’m loving all the pictures in the Olive Juice Poses Flickr Group so much, that it made me want to share them. Now, appropriately named, “Your Wall” can be seen at the Harold Olive Juice mainstore. Every month, I will ask 3 or 4 of you permission to showcase your pics from the Flickr group by hanging them in the store as art! Along with that, you will get a bunch of new free poses. I love what you guys are doing, it’s amazing. Thank you again Mijn Seoung, Jaja Lubitsch and Newreem Waffle for letting me show yours off at the store this month.

Your Wall!

One more thing, the Carmina Mall is moving to the ground so my store location will change to here. The Carmina sim is amazing and if you haven’t explored already, you really are missing out. I’m going to do a blog post soon on it, once the move is complete, to show you guys the game on this sim and all the beautiful scenery. Jenn Heinrichs, of SL Things To Do, has done a phenomenal job of bringing beauty and entertainment together in this game. The new mall location is official on Monday, but my store is set up there now. Have fun!


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