Who let the dorks out?

The Bored Clowns’ Guide to SL: Ray Caesar at “Hotel Dare” October 30, 2009

If you haven’t seen the Ray Caesar exhibition at the “Hotel Dare“, you should go there as quickly as possible. It will close on the 2nd November and shouldn’t be missed – not only because of the beautiful and fascinating pictures, but because you can become part of the paintings!

We are back!

A picture says more than a thousand words and therefore Chuckles and Chillingsworth, the bored clowns, present: The Art of Ray Caesar at Hotel Dare.

L'Accord D'Amour
“L’Accord D’Amour”



Pictures were taken at the Ray Caesar exhibition hosted at Hotel Dare [SLURL]. To become part of the paintings, just walk into them. You can buy the avatars outside the exhibition, although sadly “L’accord D’Amour” (created by katat0nik) is not available anymore. The “Decent” avatar was created by Milk Motion.

Poses in the first picture: “JH-Jazzy2” by LAP (left) and “Happy Dance” by Abranimations (right).

“The Bored Clowns’ Guide to SL” is brought to you by the crazy minds of Fionna and Paulina. Stay tuned for new adventures! Clown avatars “Clarabell” were created by Kaeli Candour and sold at “Carnival of Doom”, which sadly is gone now


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