Who let the dorks out?

The Future is Wet November 7, 2009

It rains almost every day in Tochigi City, but people have got used to it. When I say “people”, I mean cyborgs. People as in “human” people have been extinct since the Climate Catastrophe, which made Earth unhabitable for every living being except for cockroaches and us cyborgs.

Cyborg girl standing in rainy Tochigi City

When it rains, it is almost impossible to get an air taxi. My granny always used to say that there is no bad weather, only bad clothing, but she died before the Climate Catastrophe. I am sure she would change her mind now.

Cyborg girl playing with a robot dog

On rare occasions the rain stops and everyone rushes outside to make the best of the day. I love to play outside with my dog Claude. He was sent to me as replacement for my old dog, who one day suddenly had a short circuit and exploded. Claude is the latest version and can do tricks, he even plays dead on command! This time I will be more careful and take him back inside when the rain starts again.

Cyborg girl lying in a bubble chair with her robot dog

Claude and I live in a small apartment downtown. Rent is very expensive and space is a luxury. I am a big fan of retro furniture. Really, not only furniture, I love everything retro and often wish myself back to the past. The “Naughties” must have been a great time. As a child I sat for hours and listened to my granny’s stories about the old internet, airplanes and Harry Potter.

Cyborg girl sleeping in her bed

And sometimes when I sleep, I dream of sunshine.

Teleport to Tochigi Japan City here [SLURL] – thanks to Gita for the SLURL!
Anipets robot dog by Pannie’s and Rosedrop Media Circus, reacts to chat commands like “sit”, “beg”, bang!”. It is transferable and would make a great christmas gift for your beloved geek [SLURL].
Green Cyborg skin by Loknath Darkmatter available on XStreetSL as limited time offer for $L50).
Cyborg eyes MACHINA (peridot) by Nemuri Kohime, available on XStreetSL.
Dress “Dogu” by Bare Rose [SLURL].
Hair “TOM245 ash” by booN [SLURL].
Shoes: “Basic Stiletto Pumps” by Unique Needs [SLURL] (not sure if these are still available).

Airtaxi pose “Jazzhands revisited – Jazzy4” by LAP [SLURL].
Playing pose “Kicking Leaves” by Olive Juice [SLURL].


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