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Virtual Makeover November 8, 2009

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Kero's Toybox

Kero’s Toybox (by Kero Yufi) is a small shop full of little gadgets and silly toys. Originally I had planned to blog about one of my favourite throwers from here, but then I got distracted with all the other wonderful things, so the thrower will have to wait a bit. By the way, one of the freebies is a cute prim gun that, as its name suggests, shoots random plywood prims.

Nelly Pigface dancing on a giant piano

This giant piano reminds me of the scene in the movie “Big” with Tom Hanks and it works exactly the same way. Walk over it to make the keys glow and to produce sounds (it also works when you click on it). Nelly Pigface is having a lot of fun here!

The Doll Factory

Although you wouldn’t believe it, Nelly Pigface does not only get compliments when she is on the road touring the virtual world. She has heard everything from “how funny” to “what a nightmare” and “you have a purple tongue?!”. Therefore, when she saw this Doll Factory, she decided to give it a go and try a virtual makeover. Just stand on the mat on the left and your avatar will automatically be transferred to the conveyer belt and pass three stations – clothing, makeup and mind. As the process starts, you are given a folder with a shape, a skin and a hud. Put it on for a good laugh before you reach the “mind” station. 😀 And the result: Nelly Pigface looks exceptionally beautiful and stylish now, doesn’t she? You get to keep a free doll box as well, or you can even buy the whole doll factory and put it up at home for emergencies.

Malibu Paulina

If you don’t have the space for a whole factory you can also just get this doll box, which comes with different poses and an automatic name script. “Malibu Paulina” is going into mass production as we speak and will soon be available in a toy store near you. “Now let’s forget our troubles with a big bowl of strawberry ice cream.”

Leaving with Faery Jet Wings

Of course I was just kidding. Nelly would never consider a virtual makeover, as she is perfectly happy with her body, her style and her mind. Instead she decided to put on this pair of Faery Jet Wings and head towards the sky. Wohoooo! At this point I also realised that the whole store resembled a giant playroom and the store literally was a toybox. Teleport to Kero’s Toybox here [SLURL].

“Nelly Pigface” avatar including hair and sunglasses by Rotten Toe [SLURL]. Dress by [Bingo] [SLURL]. Wedge Pumps by EDT [SLURL]. Dance “f-dance28” by Henmations [SLURL].


6 Responses to “Virtual Makeover”

  1. SpaceCase M Says:

    What a fun place! Thanks for the tip Paulina!

  2. OMG the pic of you 2nd from the bottom with the circa 2007 model pose is CRACKING ME UP! hhahahahaa

  3. kesseret Says:

    I totally want to syndicate you on my feed, http://metavirtual.us. Please?! *begs*
    My fellow meerkats….<3

  4. Thanks, SpaceCase, glad you like it! 😀

    Haha Lizzie, actually it is a whole fun dance animation (see credits) and I was cracking up the whole time while taking snapshots with different poses. 🙂 It was hard to choose one.

    Yay Kess, of course – thank you! ❤ I had a quick look at your feed the other day when Lizzie linked to it and there were a lot of blogs in it I didn't know.

    PS: Do you know http://comparethemeerkat.com/? It is a spoof website from the company "Comparethemarket.com". 🙂

  5. Oops just realised you said the second one from bottom. Yeah, that pose made me laugh too. The box had several different animations but this one was barbie spot on. 😀

  6. Anonymous Says:


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