Who let the dorks out?

Greetings, Earthlings! November 16, 2009

Some days I fear that I might start to get bored with SL. Some days things just seem to be the same over and over again and I feel as if I can’t bear to see another prim. And then I discover a shop with unique and silly things, or teleport to a place where I lose myself for hours and I remember again what kept me here the last two years. Saturday was such a day and I will show you two of the three great places I found today.

“Altya’s Dream Creations and Toys” [SLURL] sells a wide range of silly toys, avatar attachments and other things you never knew you needed. All items also have a “buy as gift” option, which might come in handy for christmas. I love everything to do with aliens and ufos and therefore could not resist to buy this ufo attachment. It folds your avatar so that only your head remains – floating in a blinking ufo jar. You have to detach all prim attachments and it is advisable to at least wear a bikini (for any accidental unfoldings if the AO should not work). It is modifyable so I guess you might be able to put your own name on the sign. I also bought the other version, which is the same ufo jar on an unicycle, complete with little steam clouds and a working horn. Brilliant!

Avatar head in an ufo jar

Now that I had turned into an alien, I was looking for a nice space sim to take some pictures. In moments like this I miss the now closed “Privateer Space” sim terribly. It broke my heart – and that of many other people – when it shut down, because it was huge and created by Aley Arai with so much humour and attention to detail. When I read the description of Deshima Space Station, a station “existing far away from major space colonies or settlements”, my interest awoke. And when I teleported there, zoomed out and realised just how huge this station was, my excitement grew.

Deshima Space Station

There is a lot to explore in Deshima and it took a bit of time until I managed to get an overview and to orient myself (and until I found this room with a holographic map of the whole thing). The station basically consistst of three levels, the hangar (where you arrive), the Promenade Deck and the Legacy Deck. The levels are connected with each other through elevators and pressing the green or blue button takes you up or down between them. You can rez a space ship in the hangar and it will open automatically to let you fly out into space, where you can explore the asteroid fields and get a good view of the station.

Hologram map of Deshima Space Station

From the Promenade Deck several automatic doors allow access to the various facilities of the station. They have a canteen, a shop, a medical infirmary, a prison, a theatre (where you can watch Youtube links on a big screen)… Very thoughtfully, a lot of toilet facilities have been provided, something you don’t often see in public buildings in SL.

Botanical Bay

This is the Botanical Bay, where you can relax in green surroundings and listen to birdsong, have a picnic or watch the carps in the pond.

Jarhead avatar unicycle jumping into a pool

This has to be the swimming pool with the greatest view in SL! By the way, this is the ufo jarhead unicycle attachment. Love it!

If you would like to see more pictures of Deshima, check out the Flickr stream of Ash Qin, one of the creators, who has put up some high-resolution shots here – or even better, teleport to Deshima (SLURL)and explore it yourself! As far as I understood, Deshima is still under construction and I am very looking forward to see it growing. Deshima is implementing “GreyRP” (more info here), so if you visit, please be respectful towards any ongoing roleplay.

Jarhead ufo and unicycle – modifyable – by “Altya’s Dream Creations and Toys” [SLURL]
Skin “Blu Beauty Skin 1” by MiaSnow [SLURL].
Hair “OCI185” (gift for update group) by booN [SLURL]
Lashes “Seductress” by LeLutka [SLURL]
Eyes by Miriel (no longer available)


6 Responses to “Greetings, Earthlings!”

  1. nelsond9 Says:

    nice pictures!

  2. I am so gonna have to go check out this build. Looks awesome!

  3. Thanks, nelsond9, and I am looking forward to your pics, Lizzie!

  4. Torley Says:

    I like how you found the avatar, then a complementary location. I got a great mini-tour of Deshima the other day and must say, going as a Futurama-esque head on a unicycle would’ve been more fitting! Thanx for sharin’ yer dorky adventures. *honk honk*

  5. Thanks, Torley! I am sure though that your avatar was far from a usual one as well. 🙂

  6. mark witt Says:

    I am a beleiver !!! and a dork !!!!!

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