Who let the dorks out?

Only 1 Week of Shoe Whorin Left! November 30, 2009

Santa Says BUY SHOES.... uh and poses *wink*
(Periquita Sweet Stilletto Boots / Pose from Flickr Contest Exclusive Pack by Olive Juice)

Don’t miss the goods at the 2009 SL Footwear Expo, ending December 6th. It’s not as laggy now and there are plenty of reasons to visit again, if you’ve already filled up on shoes. For one, check the Shoe Fair Blog for updates about DJs, and sneak peeks at shoe designers and/or posers you may never heard of before. That’s right, posers too. If you haven’t been, you might not know that this year, there is a row dedicated to animators whom all have made special shoe-showin poses for all your new foot warmers. That does include *shameless plug ahead, warning!* me…. Olive Juice poses. I made 2 packs, 3 poses each that are exclusive to Shoe Fair. I’ll show you those later.

New Shoes (to me anyway) at the Expo!

1- Periquita Stilettos (with texture change script)

2- TOSL Sweater Wellies in pewter (tall and short version included)

3- 50 Flats Curtain Knit ballet flats (cheap cheap and adorable!)

4- Periquita Sweet Stiletto Boots (awesome hud with texture change options for boot colors and ribbons)

5- Surf Co. Parker Knit Boots in snow (texture change socks)

6- 50 Flats Gray Argyle ballet flats

All stores are donating a portion of proceeds to Marine’s Toys for Tots, which I just love. Having two kidlets myself, I couldn’t imagine them not having a Merry Christmas. So if that isn’t enough of a reason, here are a few more. There is a Flickr contest, running through the 2nd, and the winner will be announced on the 6th; the final day of the fair. The photo must highlight your shoes and be wintery and festive in nature. Check here for more info and prizes. Aaaaand yet another reason, there is a raffle going on! There are big ornament kiosks all over where you can purchase tickets, and all that info and prize goodies can be found here.

So…. I hope you visit at least once. They’ve already raised over 500,000L for Toys for Tots and I for one am heading back to bump up that number! I leave you with pics of Olive Juice Exclusive Fair Poses. They will be gone forever after the 6th! Love you long time, dorks! ❤

Exclusive to the Footwear Expo!

Exclusive to the Footwear Expo!


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