Who let the dorks out?

Day 2: The biggest snowball of them all December 2, 2009

Lolita Oleander recently declared a Snowball War on us and luckily I am well equipped with the thrower of all snowball throwers. After attaching the “SnowBall Genkidama” and switching to mouselook, one mouseclick activates the charging of the snowball. The snowball is hovering over your head and the longer you leave it, the bigger it grows, accompanied by dramatic particle effects. Another mouseclick releases the giant snowball and buries everyone and everything in front of you underneath it. Bring it on!

The biggest snowball of them all

SnowBall Genkidama at “Kero’s Toybox”, L$150 [SLURL] or on XstreetSL
Location: “Winter Magic” by callie cline, all plants and decoration for sale [SLURL]
Christmas Elf Girl by !go! avatars [SLURL] or on XstreetSL.


One Response to “Day 2: The biggest snowball of them all”

  1. I forgot to add the link to Lolita’s Flickr snowball fight group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/slsnowballfight/pool/ 😀

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