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Day 6: Happy Nikolaustag! December 6, 2009

In Germany the 6th December is “Nikolaustag”, St. Nikolaus’ Day. Children put their boots outside their doors the evening before and if they have been good, the Nikolaus will put little gifts into them. Bad kids on the other hand will only get a bunch of twigs.

Santa Claus

Although the traditional Nikolaus looks different to the “modern” Santa Claus, I thought that today would be the best day to introduce Santa Claus and Mrs Claus. Both are designed by Gocha Merlin from !go! avatars, who also created the cute christmas elf girl shown in previous posts. Santa Claus comes with two different hats and a huge gift box for all the good children.

Mrs Claus

Mrs Claus is so adorable and cheerful. Her wardrobe is a bit more extensive, with a chequered dress, a red Santa dress and a baking apron. You know the saying that behind every successful man is a strong woman? It is true! And she has her rolling pin ready to hand, in case Mr Claus is coming home too late and had a bit too much egg nogg.

Mr and Mrs Claus in love

But she has never, not once, used it so far.

Santa Claus and Mrs Claus by !go! avatars [SLURL].
The first two pictures were taken at Sculptie Island – the snowman is a free gift! [SLURL].
Last picture was taken at the christmas corner on the +mudshake sim [SLURL]. Thanks, Bella, for being Santa! ­čśÇ


3 Responses to “Day 6: Happy Nikolaustag!”

  1. Zoe Stradjinski Says:


    I love your blog. Thank you so much for creating it.

  2. msrobbiani Says:

    That is sooo cute! I love !gO!

  3. Thanks so much, Zoe!!! :))

    And thanks Yuvi, I love those avatars too, they are so realistic and adorable!

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