Who let the dorks out?

Day 8: Cold Weather Basics December 8, 2009

Okay, so these aren’t “Christmasy”, per se, however they are great wintery basics to mix into your festive wardrobe. So, I’ll keep it short and sweet: look at picture, read notes, hop slurls, buy awesomey goodness, and enjoy!

Cold Weather Favorites

Hair- Iren: Fiona Reds
Scarf- Twosome: Snugly Neckwarmers
Dress- Twosome: Long Shirts
Leggings- Duboo: Laundry Day Leggings
Fingerless Gloves- Twosome: Gatcha Gloves (get ’em cheap at Albero from the machine here!)
Skin- &Bean: Babushka-yaya (was a Halloween Giftie)
Pose- Olive Juice: Sequin Tights

Aaaaand because I ❤ Twosome…

Twosome Gatcha Shirts!

same as above except for:
Shirt- Twosome: Gatcha Shirts in machines at Albero here!
Skirt- BP* Ruffle mini denim/dark
Pose- Olive Juice: I ❤ you to Peaces


2 Responses to “Day 8: Cold Weather Basics”

  1. Zoe Stradjinski Says:

    Bella…OMG…the leggings are totally hot!

  2. well they are keeping a little toasty, but not really hot. more like a luke wa….. oh you meant HOT hot *facepalms*

    jk, thanks zoe!!!! ❤

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