Who let the dorks out?

Day 10: Jordan Giant is Made of Awesome December 10, 2009

TROOF! Many MANY of you have to be familiar with Jordan Giant, via Flickr. Her pictures are so lovely and enticing, they make you want to hop right into your screen and see SL as she does; full of whimsy and beauty. One of her many talents is she is hands down the best decorator I have seen in SL. Actually, between Jordan and Trash Wahwah‘s stream, I think I’ve furnished most of my SL homes. Her eye for detail is impeccable, so when she started creating homes and a few decor freebies, I was thrilled! She started selling them on XStreet, but now has a store inworld at Albero! It’s called “nordari.” (with a slash through the d that I don’t know how to make), and I can’t pronounce it, but who cares because its amazing.

nordari by jordan giant!!!!

birdy. - my little friend glasses \o/
[the little birdy sings when he’s touched!]

Now, here’s the leetle tidbit that made me so frikkin excited about an actual store to visit, instead of buying off of XStreet… DEMOS! She has set up demos of the homes, skyboxes as well as the newest “dark.chocolate” cabin. If you are familiar with Miss Giant’s photo collages, then you’ve seen how beautifully decorated her SL homes are. I just want to crawl into them and hide behind a couch, and move in! Well, now we can do the next best thing by visiting her builds and inspecting to our hearts’ desire to see where she bought all her cuteness! I pretty much raped her cabin with the Inspect option today, so sorry about that Jordan. I promise I’ll spoon it once I’m finished writing. Isn’t that FANTASTIC though??? Haven’t you wanted to know where she gets all the little details and amazing pieces????

dark.chocolate by jordan giant
[her first house she’s built, and it’s so lovely]

secret.place by jordan giant
[this is a perfect cozy skybox for long winters]

So, you are probably wondering what the truck this has to do with the advent calendar, and here is the part where I tell you. The setting for the “dark.chocolate” demo, which is a beautiful winter cabin retreat, is holiday magic! It’s called “Land of a Thousand Dreams” and was built by Timo Enzo, along with Jordan and Eoma Shilova. (If there were other builders, my apologies!) It’s a blizzard covered wonderland with an ice skating rink, hot chocolate stand, festive trees, hilarious snowmen and a retarded bambi named joordi xD. I met Timo while I was trying to find a place to hide and live, without anyone finding me (haha, jk), and he was so nice! He said we are all are welcome anytime to visit, and I recommend you do. There are so many photo opportunities around for all your Christmas cards, and he’s still building more magic. So go visit, get lost in the snow, buy some of Jordan’s creations and don’t forget to pick up her freebies by the door as well at nordari!

north pole at the land of dreams

snowmen by FallnAngel Creations
[snowmen by FallnAngel Creations]

hot chocolate stand!

Items worn by Bella:

Glasses- Nordari: birdy (the bird sings when you touch him! <3)
Hair- lamb: Witch (Rotten Carrot)
Skin- Tuli: Bella (Raven, pale/red)
Hat- Epogue: Baggy Knit Hat (Plaid, only in Trilogy)
Coat- Milk Motion: My Vintage Fur Coat (grey, only in Trilogy)
Undershirt- Twosome: Longshirt (grey)
Dress- Milk Motion: My Plaid Dress (Only in Trilogy)
Gloves- Atelier: Knit Gloves B (from Gatcha Machine)
Tights- Pig: Lace Tights (black)
Eyes- Poetic Colors: Fairy Tale Eye (cinderella, only at Trilogy)
Lashes- Redgrave: Twiggy
Boots- Periquita: Sweet Stiletto Boots (hud to change texture and bow options)
Poses- Olive Juice- It’s Coming! and Party Trick


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