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Day 11: Christmas in a box December 11, 2009

Searching for the perfect photo location often takes me longer than taking pictures and putting together the blog post. Therefore I was intrigued when I read about the concept of Photobles created by the very talented Rayvn Hynes from Mudhoney (see also Stacie’s and Terri’s posts).

Christmas elf sitting by the fireplace

Photobles are themed instant rooms which come in a brick-shaped box and can be rezzed and de-rezzed upon one click, thus saving prims. They are modifiable, so things can be changed and moved around, and you can re-texture the walls via a touch menu. The christmas photoble “By the fireplace” even comes with transferable cocoa cups! 🙂

Elf peeking into a christmas stocking

But this still isn’t everything. On top of all that, the christmas photoble includes eight built-in cute single poses and three couples poses. Just sit on the red or green button positioned at the edge of the wall (this took me a bit to figure out because I hadn’t read the notecard at first) and flick through the poses with help of a menu. Easy-peasy!

Christmas photoble

And this is how the whole thing looks from the outside. Amazing concept, isn’t it? If you are intrigued too, you should visit the Mudhoney sim, where you can rez and test all photobles. 🙂

Photoble “By the Fireplace”, L$500, by Mudhoney Designs [SLURL].
Christmas Elf Avatar by !go! avatars [SLURL].


One Response to “Day 11: Christmas in a box”

  1. Oh yea! I just read your post and thought somone reads my blog and they linked back to it in their post! Cool! Thanks!

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