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It’s lovely weather for a Snow Globe Mobile ride together with you December 21, 2009

It's raining cats and dogs

My favourite stores in SL are shops selling silly stuff, and those are often really hard to find. Therefore I was more than delighted when Further Monday dropped a Snow Globe Mobile on me (now this sounds a bit like a christmas version of the Wizard of Oz). Further and her partner Fang Roffo have lovingly created a small sortiment of unique and original things for their store “Weather! Or Not?”, like said mobile, a wearable sun lounger or umbrellas with colour change and different particle effects. As Further explained to me, the weather in SL is perfect most of the time and with these umbrellas you can bring the rain or snow with you – or even let it rain cats and dogs. Most of the items are transferable, in case you are still looking for gift ideas.

Snow Globe Mobile yay!

But back to the snow globe mobile. Once rezzed on the ground it can seat two people – or rather, the second person will have to stand and grab the lamp post to prepare for the ride.

Visiting SL's biggest snowman

Betty Rogan joined me for a tour around “Jolly Jingle Bells“, home to SL’s largest snowman. This doesn’t look that big to you?

Really, this is SL's biggest snowman

And how about this one? 🙂 It is so big that it can host an ice skating area in its belly.

The Snow Globe Mobile reaches quite some speeds and we went for a wild ride across the snowy landscape, under the sea and up to the mountain tops.

Uh Oh


“Cats and Dogs” Umbrella and Snow Globe Mobile by “Weather! Or Not?” [SLURL].
Pictures taken at Jolly Jingle Bell [SLURL].


One Response to “It’s lovely weather for a Snow Globe Mobile ride together with you”

  1. I have to add that this umbrella usually spits out cats and dogs, it seems to have been a problem with that particular sim affecting its performance.

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