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If you are a snowman, don’t go to Thistle January 5, 2010

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Seriously. If you are a snowman without a flame thrower, snowball gun or any other weapon, don’t even think about going near Thistle. It has to be the most dangerous place for snowmen on the grid.


These poor fellows are experiencing their personal Cloverfield moment. The terror in their coal eyes is unbearable!

Hands up!

Robbers are waiting behind every tree. I hope this poor guy has remembered to renew his sleigh insurance.


“Errr….guys…”. Watch out for those kids that just want to play. I wouldn’t recommend going for a swim either.

Look at the stars....

Thinking about it, you probably also shouldn’t go there if you are human. Just don’t go there at all unless you are really, really prepared.

Teleport to Thistle (if you dare) here: [SLURL].

Cashmere sweater and scarf (colour change) by Sn@tch [SLURL].
Journey Tweed Slacks by Armidi [SLURL].
Shoes “Rosette Black Velvet” by Aphrodite Creations [SLURL].
Hair “Belinda” by Truth [SLURL].


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