Who let the dorks out?

A Glimpse of Spring January 7, 2010

This post is dedicated to everyone who, like me, is rapidly getting sick of winter, the cold and the darkness at 5 pm. Where I live we had the heaviest snow since 1981 and it is still kind of an adventure, but I know that a lot of you are loathing the masses of snow and ice by now. Just close your eyes for a moment and imagine warm sunrays on your skin. Smell the pretty flowers, look at the butterflies – and wait, is that a grasshopper over there?

Bouncy bouncy

Spring will be coming soon, I promise! I know this because my local supermarket has just started selling Cadbury chocolate eggs.

Flower Child

Bouncing grasshopper, L$29, by Cutie Honey Shop [SLURL].
Skin “Small Flowers” by Nuuna’s Skins [SLURL].
Hair “Bella” with flower hat by Milestone Creations, check out the January 50% sale! [SLURL]
Petal Dress by (epoque), store currently under construction [SLURL].
Lashes “Vanity” eyelashes by [glow] studio designs [SLURL].
Eyes by Miriel (no longer available)
Pose “Follies – Vaudeville’s Vanna Present…” by Olive Juice [SLURL].
Location: “Forest Feast” [SLURL].


2 Responses to “A Glimpse of Spring”

  1. This post makes me extremely happy! Hugs.

  2. Aww thank you, Lizzie! :))

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