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Where to Wear…A Bone Dress January 8, 2010

As I have mentioned before, I am no fashionista. Ask me for advice how to accessorize or how to choose matching shoes for an outfit and you will either get a blank stare or a mad laughter back. I have decided however that I feel competent enough to give advice on where (and where not) to wear certain outfits. This might even become a regular category here!

Where would you wear the “Wired Anatomy Wiremesh” dress by Grim Bros? Most certainly while you are enjoying the view of your castle estate. And even though I just said that I don’t know how to accessorize, in this case I am very certain that the matching “maniac bone heels” (also by Grim Bros) and the Skull Staff by JASstore are going to emphasise your natural authority and brighten your aura of fear.

Right: While enjoying the view of your castle estate

However, I would strongly advise against wearing this outfit when visiting a dog park.

Wrong: While visiting a dog park

Dress “wired anatomy wiremesh” and “maniac bone heels” by grim bros [SLURL].
hair “booN WUC081” by booN [SLURL].
JAS Skull Staff, L$10, by JASstore [SLURL].
Skin “Goth – Minimalist” by Frick [SLURL].
Pose 1: +blacklisted+ “Wake Up” (Zombie Pose pack) [SLURL].
Pose 2: “It’s Coming” by Olive Juice [SLURL].
Location 1: Skye Castles [SLURL].
Location 2: VKC Dog Park Brigadoon [SLURL].


3 Responses to “Where to Wear…A Bone Dress”

  1. Barbara Nicholls Says:

    You are so wonderfully weird!

  2. Viola Says:

    Hehe! 🙂 Apparently it’s a “When Animals Attack” day on the fashion front!



  3. Hahaha, Barb, I don’t know what you mean. 🙂

    Thanks for your comment, Viola! I hope you commenting here meant that you managed to escape that big kitty! 😀

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